Aqara FP2, mmWave presence detection on WiFi

Hi Everyone, I had to play around a little and understand what the steps were. but the FP2 does work now on my homey, and thank you for the example flows, appreciate it :slight_smile:

What part is failing?

the Aqara FP2 has the option to train the sensor… I’ve had allot of issue’s with ghosting in the beginning, but after clearing and training… and of course the firmware updates… the sensor is behaving great!!

btw I did this clearing and training within the Aqara app on the iPad

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Are there any good alternative mmWave presence sensor that work with Homey? Looks like setting up an FP2 sensor is a PITA. I also don’t own any iPhone or iOS devices.

I am using this Tuya presence sensor and it works quite well with Homey Pro via the community Tuya app. Here is an Amazon (USA) link to it.

Cool! Are they connected directly to Homey, or do you need the Tuya Hub?

Be aware that with TuYa Zigbee devices you never know if a device will be supported by Homey, even if it looks exactly the same as devices that are supported. Often these devices get different internal identifiers that make them stop working with Homey, at least until those identifiers have been added to the relevant Homey app.


You don’t need any.

They connect directly to Homey. Also what Robert said is correct about the Tuya devices so pay attention to that.

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I should have included that in my reply so thanks for that. Would hate for someone to order one that looks the same only to find out it is not supported.

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The connect via SONOFF app withon Homey

Yeah, it’s really hard

I’ve been having to reboot my Homey most mornings to get updated presence state from my FP2. Anyone else seeing this? Any work around to keep the FP2 reporting updates to Homey?

I sometimes restart the app but never my Homey. I was thinking to schedule a daily task to restart the app.

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The app sometimes does not respond correctly to network device unreachable. Busy getting a monitor in place for dropped connections.

Did you fix the IP in your router?

@Menno_van_Hout do you know when the scaling issue of the clock is resolved?