Aqara Occupancy Sensor - Which one is it?

I saw that Aqara now has an affordable occupancy sensor:

But I’m not sure if it’s compatible with Homey. When I look at Aqara devices there seems to be an occupancy sensor available but I don’t know if it’s the right one because in Homye it’s called “Xiaomi Occupancy”…

Is this correct?? As in, is it referring to the Aqara FP2 occupancy sensor or something else? I tried searching for Xiaomi occupancy but I get really random results…

Did you search the forum for the many posts about this device?


Please use the search function of the community forum:

And no, the FP2 from Aqara is not supported by Homey yet, but some users are workin on this.

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@DirkG @robertklep Ahh sorry! I tried searching but I didn’t see the extent of the function. First time here, my bad! Will make sure I search better next time. Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

@DirkG @robertklep Actually, I tried searching for the listed “Xiaomi Occupancy” - I don’t see anyone talk about it in detail… Still wondering what device that would be? Again, apologies if it’s actually answered somewhere but don’t see any mentioned topics regarding this particular device

In the Aqara App thread, you can find the exact names/IDs of the devices in the first post:

How to find a related thread?

All information can be found at the bottom of the page in the App Store.

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Thanks! :heart:

The device is called “Aqara FP2”: