Aqara extended range


Anyone extended an antenna on an aqara vibration sensor?
Would like to do it on mine to get longer range but do not know how?

You need a Zigbee router to extend the range. I used a Ikea Zigbee repeater.

That’s true :innocent:

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I’ve never seen anyone do that. You may be able to take some pointers from adding an external antenna to a CC2531 but I’ve had limited success with that myself and the hardware is obviously a bit different.

What sort of range are you talking about? I have a vibration sensor about 10m from the nearest router device (in the letter box at the start of my driveway) which works fine.

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As far as I know, you can not shorten or lengthen the antenna, otherwise the frequency band will change. At least this is the case with Z-Wave devices.

You can use a different type of antenna, though, like a half-wave (which is longer) instead of a quarter-wave (which is typically used on PCB’s).

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But why choose the hard way while there are easy and cheap ways available. Maybe for electronic enthousiasts.

You’re assuming there’s a power outlet between the location of the sensor and the rest of the network, which isn’t always the case.

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Please! Read the question again!
Otherwise you are welcome with cable and electrician and a shovel, so you can dig down electricity that comes out where I want my aqara!

I also try to have my aqara vibration sensor in my letter box. I have about 22 meters from the last router device.
And not much is needed as I manage to pair the device sometimes. But then it loses contact after a while.

Please, stop commenting on my post when you can not add anything meaningful!

The idea was to be able to solder on cable to an antenna like this. But the question is where should I solder on it?

See my previous post about the CC2530 antenna hack. But like I said, I don’t know of anyone who has done this before so you’re on your own.

Maybe it is easier to extend the range of Zigbee from Homey?
I think there has been some trials for that too on the forum?
I think if you could extend the range for your vibration sensor you would also drain your battery faster.

I have modded Homey with antennas.
The battery is no problem! 2 st AA lithum :slight_smile:

I know of course, this is possible.

Did you manage to extend the range of the Aqara Vibration Sensor itself?
I would be interested in how you did this!
I have this kind of non-US mailbox and the problem is if you put sensor on the lid, it sits inside this metal container:

If a good Zigbee mesh is available, it is not a problem that the sensor sits inside of the “metal container”.
I have an almost identical mailbox and both Zigbee and Z-Wave sensors work without problems. I have not had to modify any devices.