Apps not responding, requiring regular restarts to fix

I have a Homey (Early 2016) running software V4.1.0

From time to time an app is not responding to triggers and the only way to fix it has been to restart the app in question. At random, this happens with the Sonos, Fibaro and Hue apps.

  1. How can I track what is causing such an app to ‘freeze’?
  2. Is there a way for the time being to have ‘scheduled restarts’?

This behaviour of Homey is not helping Homey score browney points at our home :wink:

Hi @RRoelof,
If the apps get paused it might be a CPU load or memory consumption issue. You could monitor this with insights for example.
I think you cannot restart apps which have been paused due to the possible issue mentioned above. Only when they actually crashed. But you can restart homey by flow. To enable this you need to enable Experiments in the settings. You will get additional flowcards for restarting homey and apps and stuff.

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Every night i restart al my apps(with a flow). This way i seldom have crashed apps. For Hue it also means that the memory issue does not, or hardly happens

You can also restart your homey itself (that’s what I do every night).
At “then” => system =>restart homey
That way you don’t have to restart several app’s.

I also have a Homey early 2016 and since running Homey firmware 4.2.0 rc11 experimental the memory usage of all my apps is much lower than before.
No problems with apps pauzing or crashing while running 15 apps now.

After installing 4.2.0 rc11 experimental, my homey is a disaster, Zwave starts forgetting devices (unreachable, and not healable) Kaku starts dropping, and does not respond, and homey starts heating up. Putting homey in the fridge for 15 minutes, and then reboot, helps. (until the next reboot) HELP

I would suggest going back to the latest stable firmware version (although that might require a factory reset).

Not going to factory reset :roll_eyes: hope this gets fixed SOON

Thanks, I have enabled the experiments features so I could restart Homey in a flow in the middle of the night every day. I also updated to the latest firmware Homey 4.2.0 - I had to force that update.

As mentioned by others, not ideal, but it is a work-around. As long as Homey does not act up like this again, the wife will not complain too much about Homey again :wink:

Thanks for saving Homey all! :stuck_out_tongue: