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Help in debugging why Homey is crashing (unexpected reboots)

Could find some issues on Github (Homey reboot) but not here on the community.

I have experienced now a couple of times that Homey is auto rebooting (crashing).

With help of Homey Logger insights I found out that the ‘CPU system’ is climbing every day until Homey gets rebooted by candy every Tue & Fri at night when scheduled or by an unexpected reboot.

How can I find out what the CPU issue is that results in the reboot (e.g. App consuming more and more CPU, etc.).

Is there any way I can debug this a little deeper for better bug reporting?

In the past month I have added 2 additional Fibaro devices and 2 Mi Flora sensors (new app installed)

Homey Firmware Version: 1.5.12, 36 apps installed, ~37 z-wave devices.

You’ could try and keep an eye on the app profiler in developer tools: https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-profiling.