Phone app unresponsive

Just wondering if anyone else experiences Homey phone app freezes and such. Everything is operational but freezes and general app unresponsiveness makes browsing though my devices not really comfortable and flows creation boundary to unusable.

I’m on v.5 Homey firmware but unsure if it’s related. Phone app is Android version

I had similar problems with the iOS app. The app was very sluggish or not usable anymore. In my case it was because the system load of Homey was constantly increasing. Only after a restart of Homey the app was usable again, for 3-5 days. Probably the reason was a certain firmware (v5.0.0-rc.38). With the firmware version rc.43 or rc.44 the problem seems to be solved.
Which firmware v5.x is installed? Please check in Insights how high is the system load.

I’m on rc.47, an the issue remained during firmware versions rc.38-47 at least.
My load spikes to 3 each 1.5hours for whatever reason, but otherwise is generally below 1.

I have now realized that I still have the problem with the increasing system load. Yesterday evening and this morning some flows had a significant delay and I restarted Homey. I did not check the behavior of the app.
But every 1.5 hours a system load of 3 seems to be not normal either. Do you have several flows that are triggered every 1.5 hours? But that’s off topic now.
Regarding the problems with the Homey App I can’t help you. I am not familiar with Android either.
Maybe you contact Athom?