Apps disabling automatically

Since a few days I find that at random times some random apps are being disabled.
Is Homey shutting down apps by itself when it discovers the RAM usage is too high?

FW: 7.0.1 rc5

I use my homey for developing some apps, and I have a lot of apps, but a Homey Pro is too much for me. (If there is no trade-in program or discount for devs or so-ever)

According to the stats homey by itself is using 559 MB RAM… (I have a normal Homey)
I do pull the plug every day now…

That seems like a bug. Also in the German forum people report that Homey even reboots by itself every few hours.

Same problems here. Since the release last week to 7.0.1-rc.5 the system load is exceptional high and therefor also “pausing” apps only a reboot is a partial solutions. Stable 7.0 was very stable imo.

Same problem here, Updated on 30-06-21. After reboot homey works normal until 6-12 hours later.
Hope 7.0.1 (Stable version) works better.

Please report whether the problem has been resolved with v7.0.1.

Is there any update about 7.0.1 stable version? I’m now on 7.0.1 rc5

Goto Settings / Update and see, or wait until tomorrow.

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It looks better to me. My CPU usage is stable between 110 - 140

CPU is still high on my side. 148% it was always around 50% I see the same memory issue and then stopped apps

I want to go back to 7.0.0 but very afraid of the backup and al the broken flows and timers. Too bad there isn’t a easy rollback

You can’t, 7.0.1 is stable now.

Ok, but why is the memory then still filling up?

“stable” doesn’t mean “without bugs” (at least not with Homey).


Shame problem keeps on hapening. First noticed it with the Philips Hue app. but today also to other apps randomly stopped working.

Was your memory graph also this full with earlier firmwares, or did you have room to spare then? If the firmware is more memory hungry it could just be you reached the limits of what your Homey can handle.

Also, have you checked the memory graphs of the apps in insights? It could very well be a misbehaving app that is constantly consuming memory and not returning it. For instance the Beacon app shows a constantly rising graph. I reset that app every night to prevent it from filling op the memory.

This is a real problem, also for me.

At the peak of the graph, Homey is so slow, is looks like is has stopped working. App says “Homey is Offline” or “A unknown error has occurred”. Other triggers sometimes works after a couple of minutes. Only a PtP works. I am now trying to reset every 8 hours, but still Homey is very unstable.

For the record: nothing else changes since the moment the update was placed.

It appears that only a few users have this problem and maybe only people with a “classic” homey?. I also have an “original” early 2016 Homey

Would be a sneaky way to force people to upgrade there kickstarter device… have removed some apps and still have te problem. Not sure if my memory was full before firmware 7.0.1
Everything was working normaly before firmware upgrade.

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Same device (early 2016) as I have, but without the problems you have.

I understand this is a real problem. The thing is, when memory hits the roof, things fail. When things fail, often the cleanup doesn’t always take place properly. So basically, when it fails, it often fails hard.

I have a pro, so it may be the firmware is also hogging but not hurting me. But my memory graphs weirdly tell a whole different story. Here’s last month, and more in detail, last two weeks:

It is visible though, that the graphs seem to slant upwards, showing some kind of memory leak as memory usage increases over time. It did earlier too, so that’s not a new problem from the latest firmware revision…

  • [Core] Add ManagerSafety
  • [Core] Address memory leak issue
  • [Zigbee] Add light capabilities to Zigbee basic devices when applicable

Firmware 7.0.1 RC3 fixed the issue. Homey Model Early 2016

Update 22-07-21
There are still memory problems. The core memory is fillng up.