Apple homekit automation stopped

As of a few days my automations from within apple home are not working anymore. I checked in the apple home app and under automations it says:

No connection with home hub. Make a connection to a home hub to make sure automations get executed.

I update homey to v5. This didn’t resolve the issue. I removed the homey from Apple homekit. I found a thread here with solution to install the experimental app from homeykit. I did that and reconnected to Apple home. The connection was made and I could reconnect all the existing devices without a problem. I can also use them in the apple app.

But automation is still not working. It is not recognizing the homey hub as the home hub.

Anyone else with this issue? Or more important, a solution?

Probably a very shortsighted answer but I would prevent HomeKit automation as much as possible to prevent losing the overview of what is done through which product (Homey, HomeKit). Maybe there’s a use case for products supported by HomeKit but not Homey although normally those are way more expensive and less versatile so I wouldn’t even look at those.

A more “helpful” answer I can not give I am afraid. I do use HomeKit extensively but only for presenting and managing devices

Only a permanently powered iPad or Apple TV can act as a “home hub” (which is a specific term in the Homekit context).

So if iOS is complaining about a missing home hub, you should look for issues with your iPad or Apple TV (I assume you used one of those before as home hub since you state that automations used to work).

Good point, I wonder if this was a typo and he means bridge rather than hub.

Not entirely sure, but I think you need a hub if you want automations.

Thanks guys,

I never had a iPad or apple TV as a home hub as they will automatically shut down. I have a imac running 24/7 but I cannot remember that I ever set that as a home hub. Will try tonight

What do you see on the top?