Homey causes HomeKit to slow down/show no response

Hi, ever since iOS13 I have had massive issues with my whole HomeKit setup. The most annoying is that on four different iOS devices, the Home app will cycle through loops of “Unavailable”/“No response”/the actual device status and often take minutes to settle down. Many automations are frequently not running when triggered, and when the device status settles down, most often the Homebridge devices show as “No response” (a strange thing is that I don’t see the status cycling or problems with the Homebridge devices on three different Macs’ Home app).

I am starting to suspect that what causes the delays in updating device status/unavailable/no response is related to integrations with other smart home hubs. I have had some devices not natively compatible with HomeKit integrated into HomeKit via either Homey, SmartThings or via Homebridge. In an attempt to further investigate, I removed all these bridges/devices, and after this both the Macs and iOS devices work as they should; no delays and no problematic devices.

The last test I did was re-add Homey to HomeKit and only have one device installed in Homey (a motion sensor) and immediately the Home app on the iOS devices ground to a halt again.

Did something change with iOS13 that made these integrations work differently, or is there something in my setup that causes this?

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I am using the Homeykit app on Homey, so not the builtin “experimental” one. No problems whatsoever (and I am exporting quite some devices through Homey)

Hi, Jorden, thanks for the reply! I was looking into this, but as far as I understand, Homeykit won’t work on firmware 3 and onwards?

It works without a problem on Homey 3.2.0 (disable the experimental Homekit, though!)

Thanks, I will test it!

What do you know, it seems to work very well with Homeykit, where the Homey beta HomeKit support caused problems!

Does anyone know if there is any way to have Z-Wave devices already connected to a SmartThings hub also connect to Homey?

As far as I know, you can only connect Z-wave devices to one hub at a time.

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