Homekit - "No Response"

im using that experimental HomeKit feature. Pairing was not a big problem. I sync about 20 devices from homey to HomeKit.
I do have 1 crucial use case for the HomeKit and homey integration, and that’s the Aqara FP2 sensor… I created some virtual switches that switch in HomeKit once the movement is detected.

Long story short… It happens extremely often, that HomeKit is saying “no response” on the devices that are mirrored from my homey…

I do have an Apple TV latest gen and an iPad Pro.
homey has a fixed IP and is connected via LAN (WLAN deactivated)

any ideas that I can try to make this more reliable?

Use [App][Pro] HomeKitty :smile_cat: (aka HomeyKit 3.0)

I tried that once… But I didn’t found a solution to exclude devices from syncing. I have more than 200 in my homey and a HomeKit hub only supports 150 before its start to break.

You can exclude them via the settings

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