App settings is just spinning

I have created a settings/index.html file which is an exact copy of the one from the documentation
( App Settings - Homey Apps SDK ) however all I get when clicking the configure app button that appear is a spinning icon that spins forever. Are there more requirements that need to be met than those described on that page?

(I even tried to download the source code for GitHub - jurgenheine/ Connect homey to the Tuya cloud renamed the app name to mytest and try to run it, even for this one I got the spinning icon - which is odd because it works if I use the app store version)

Works okay(-ish) for me:

You can open the settings from the developer page and open your browser’s developer console to see if there are any errors being thrown.

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Thanks, seems like the developer interface works a bit better than the phone interface, I’m will investigate further later today as I need to leave for an appointment.

So the difference between my phone interface and the developer tools interface is that on my phone I see a white page with a spinning icon in the middle while the developer tools interface gives me the correct index.html setup page shown except that it is grayed out (disabled) with a spinning icon in the middle. So I get no progress in both places. I just wonder, is this the behavior that is expected if Homey.ready(); is not called? I wonder if the signal is not getting through.

Ok, I figured it out.
So, it turns out that if I copy paste the example code from firefox in Ubuntu then I get one invisible character copied between each paragraph. Not sure what this invisible character is but it may be related to LF + CR(?). In any case, this invisible character will make the javascript code unprocessable, so if I just delete this invisible character then the javascript will be able to execute and as such call Homey.ready()

So I guess this is more of a firefox + linux or maybe just linux problem…