How to disable app settings ('Configure App')

When I run my app (homey app run or homey app install) I have to have a /settings/index.html file otherwise I get an error Filepath does not exist: settings/index.html. This file is for the application settings, accessed from More - Apps - - Configure App. I don’t have any settings, but if I leave the index.html file empty I still get the link to Configure App which I don’t want. My question: how can I stop Homey assuming that I have app settings and wanting a UI for those to be edited (index.html) and displaying the ‘Configure App’ button? Is there a setting in app.json I’ve missed or something? Thanks!

Remove the settings directory entirely.

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That worked perfectly, thank you!

For completeness in case anyone else is looking for answers on settings, I was also wanting to disable some of the Advanced Settings, the trick is to specify type label and not text which disables editing and makes the field read-only in the UI.

With both of these, my settings work great :ok_hand:t3: