[APP][Pro] We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT / My Cupra

@martijnpoppen Thank you for your quick reply.
We will have to be patient. No problem.

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I think also Homeassistant is having issues: please check: GitHub - skodaconnect/homeassistant-skodaconnect: Skoda Connect - A home assistant plugin to add integration with your car
Maybe you already did :slight_smile:

Possibly wrong place to ask but ill do it anyway. :grimacing:
I have used the we connect app to connect my buzz to homey (obviously) using the coming/leaving home card as a start trigger. Now it seems the app does not refresh unless i manually restart the app. Is there something i am doing wrong? On the VW app itself its working fine and on the Tibber smart charging app also. They both using the same logins to the VW servers.

@Filip_Jacquemyn this is the right place :wink:

Yep that’s a known issue, unfortunately there’s no fix for that yet.
For now i would suggest to restart the app every 24 hours

Hi @martijnpoppen ,

Update from my side:

  • Skoda essentials is indeed not working for my 2024 Enyaq.

  • I verified my drivinglicense number with the vehicle at the Skoda dealer (Skoda IDENT process)
    I had to do this with my Skoda Scala. Without verifying myself as owner of the vehicle at the dealer I was not able to add my Scala to Homey. After this IDENT process adding the Scala to Homey works fine. So my idea was to verify my Enyaq at the Skoda dealer…

  • Skoda is phasing out the Skoda IDENT process, so this should not have any implications on adding the Enyaq to Homey.

  • Skoda mentioned that there are problems reported from Czech with the MySkoda app

  • Tried to add the Enyaq, but unfortunately no Enyaq found…

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@martijnpoppen thank you, guess there is no possibility to create a flow for that ?

@Filip_Jacquemyn there is. Make sure to enable power user in the experiments in the settings of the Homey app then you’ll get a restart app flowcard

Thank you, still so much to learn for my old brain :sob:

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Can not connect my new Octavia.
-Choose Skoda Fuel
-Click Connect
-Choose and confirm “Skoda”
-Enter the correct Account-Data (verified several times) and press Log In
-get the Message “Anmeldedaten werden überprüft”, then “lädt”, then “Getting data from server”
an finaly it ends with the errormessage

Do you have any idea or advice? thx in advance

@nautilus yep skoda api is broken see posts above
Were waiting for a SDK update

Is it also broken for Cupra?
I get the same error.

Api helper works fine

@Ranesh_Harpal no idea, you are the first who mentions it

If the API helper works it should also work in the app its the same API.

I used in the api helper. “Cupra old api” that one is working.
The “Cupra new api” doesnt work and i have a new Cupra Leon 2024. Could not find the vin number

@Ranesh_Harpal which app version are you using? The API helper is not available anymore in the latest versions

And also please send a report

Edit: looks like the Cupra api also updated for the fuel and hybrid cars. So needs to be fixed in this app.

Will do that soon, however currently not able to work on Homey apps due to personal errands

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I am using V1.25.5 on the homey 2016 en 2023

Both are not working

@Ranesh_Harpal hmm how did you access the API helper?

As said , i know the issue so will fix when im able to

You have a “Api helper tool” in the settings of the app.

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Could you add the Plugged in check for the Hybrids? It works for the EV.
“If Plug status changed”…


@Tim_Messerschmidt no sorry, its not available for EV.

Edit: which car are we talking about? This topic is for 5 brands :wink:

I’m talking about the Cupra app.

I have a PHEV and would like to run a flow based on a change in the status of the powerplug.