[APP][PRO] VThermo

I’m having a issue which is probably user error, but i can’t seem to understand why it’s happening.

i’ve made a testroom with 1 power socket, 1 temp sensor and a vthermo in it.

i set my target temperature to X, and it changes to heating and all is good.
but when it reaches the temperature the vthermo goes gray and it never turns the power on after the temperature falls.

so i can set it to 20 degrees, it reaches this point, then vthermo goes gray and the temp falls back down to 15 degrees.


I think the effect I was experiencing was a conflict between Piggy Bank turning off VThermo because of zone activity (window open sensor), combined with the VThermo being implicitly deactivated by the same zone activity (from advanced settings).

I think there’s a subtle bug (race condition?) in VThermo, which caused it to occasionally enter a state where it leaves the heater on, when it definitely should be off.

Anyway, I’ve resolved the conflicting signals, making sure each VThermo is turned off or deactivated by a single source, and have not seen the problem since.

Have you looked for flows or other apps which could turn off or deactivate the VThermo?

Is it configured to turn off on zone activity?

The event log for the VThermo usually mentions the originator of the on/off event.

i will check the event log, but this is a new Homey with nothing else on it but the test room. no flows or anything.

I meant this page for your VThermo:

Do you need that for the “Heating turned on” and “- off” triggers?

Hmm, not true. Found this today: :frowning:

I.e. the heating has been on for 15 hours.
The VThermo is configured to deactivate/activate on zone activity (door or window).

@balmli, do you have any ideas why this is happening?

If it is possible that would be nice.
Heating or cooling required.
I would like to use it to control cooling or heating through my ventilation system.

Ok, I’ll refrase :-).

Why don’t you use the "Heating turned on” and “- off” triggers?

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no :slight_smile:

Might be that your sensor is not working? Try restarting the app first, and then see if that helps.

Do you mean the temperature sensor? It clearly worked, as VThermo pages displayed the same measured temperature (26 degrees) as the sensor, yet remained “blue” (idle), and had not turned off the heating.

I was made aware by my son texting that the bathroom was scorching. So the sensor works.

I have restarted the app on numerous occasions. These incidents are rare, and after getting rid of the redundant deactivation from Piggy Bank, the above has been the only incident.

I’m sure you understand that for the time being, i can’t trust the VThermo devices - I must check their state at least daily, or somehow script a fail-safe.

Edit: posted on GitHub.


I trying to use Shelly 1/1PM Temperature Add-on, is it support for this temperature device ?
I can’t read the temperature into Vthermo, I also have tried to put the temperature sensor in other folder.

But if I try to check the “other devices” in same zone, it reads the heater shelly in the same zone.

I tried to get new thermostats installed in the entire house (Heatit trm3). However, since some of the old thermostats are outside the room they are controlling and have no floor sensor, my electrician told me that it wouldn’t work.

Then I came across this app. Will it be possible to control the floor temperature of a room using this app and Aqara temp sensors, although the Heatit thermostat is in another room?

Also, will it be possible to send the Aqara temperature to the Heatit screen instead of the temperature Heatit measures itself?

I have an ac thermostat which has temp sensor, the sensor works for the set point to switch off the ac when the temp on the thermostat reaches the room temp, from my understanding this app fools the thermostat sensor and tells him what ever temp i have set on the app itself (am I right?), if yes, please if someone cloud helped me to make a flow that will keep my ac working all the time even if the set point is reached, have tried my self but honestly i got lost.

“Other devices” means devices that are not “sensors” and not “thermostats”.

You can find type and “capabilities” for your Shelly device from this link

and search for the device.

  1. Yes, by selecting “Control devices in the same zone → Thermostats”. It will turn the physical thermostat on / off by setting the set point temperature high / low.

  2. no

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Can you explain a bit more what you want? I’m not sure if I understand.

I ended up updating the vthermo manually every 3 minutes, from the shelly 1pm.

I have duct ac which is controlled by Heltun thermostat app, the temp is set on the thermostat on 22 celsius, usually when the room temp reaches the set point on the thermostat (22) then the ac will stop working automatically even if i didnt set it up on auto mode… until the room temperature rises more than 22 celsius by one degree then the ac will work again… until it reaches 22 again and the ac will stop…

So what i am looking for here is to use Vthermo as set temperature to tell (fool) the ac thermostat that the room temperature actually is 25 celsius and not what the sensor of the heltun getting from the room itself. I just want to make the ac work continually, i dont know if thats possible with this vthermo or not.

Btw, I have advanced flow if that will help.

This is from Heltun documentation

Parameter 17 (“AtC”) – Air Temperature Calibration
This parameter defines the offset value for room air temperature. If the internal air
temperature sensor is not correctly calibrated, then manual calibration can be made by
adjusting the values up to ±10°C. This value will be added or subtracted from the internal air
temperature sensor reading. Through the Z-Wave network the value of this Parameter
should be x10, e.g. for 1.5°C set the value 15. The factory default value is 0.
Parameter 18 (“HyS”) – Temperature Hysteresis
This Parameter defines the hysteresis value for temperature control. The HE-FT01 will
stabilize the temperature with selected hysteresis. For example, if the SET POINT is set for
25°C and HYSTERESIS is set for 0.5°C the HE-FT01 will change the state to IDLE if the
temperature reaches 25.0°C. It will change the state to HEATING if the temperature
becomes lower than 24.5°C, and will change the state to COOLING if the temperature rises

beyond 25.5°C. The hysteresis can be changed from 0.2°C to 10.0°C range. Through the Z-
Wave network the value of this Parameter should be x10, e.g. for 1.2°C set the value 12.

The factory default value is 0.5°C (5 through Z-Wave network).

I have a Gree heat pump and use the Gree HVAC app to control it ([APP][Pro] Gree HVAC app - #68 by Esset).

I try to control this with VThermo (in order to add external temp sensor and ability to control it through Tibber), but VThermo doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Gree HVAC app(?). Do you know if there’s an easy fix either on my side, your side or the Gree HVAC app side in order to get this working?