[APP][Pro] Vitrum v3: App for Vitrum switches SDK3

Hi, now the V1 pairs perfectly, but when I press the physical button, it doesn’t change the state in my Homey Pro, so it doesn’t work. What should I do?

Gianluca, please test this updated test version with your IDs

Delete every Vitrum device from homey configuration and re-pair them through Vitrum V3 APP

Perfect, now all the Vitrum is perfectly associated. I’ve the problem with the fiscal click. When click the Vitrum the HOMEY PRO don’t see that click.


Can you try please if every paired vitrum switch is behaving like that?
If you have secondary switches associated via Zwave associations to the master one you need to build a flow that updates Homey status based on the status of the master switch.

Please give me some additional details and we’ll try to solve the problem.

Here it is a sample flow you should put in place for every slave switch:

Let me know if you were able to solve

Ciao, ma sei italiano, vedo che hai Homey in italiano.
I flow sono già fatto come dici tu, però sembra che homey pro non senta lo schiacciare del pulsante fisico.
Inoltre il V6 ancora non funziona, lo configura perfettamente ma poi quando da app clicchi su uno degli switch non li attiva e va in timeout.
Mentre tutti gli altri funzionano ma solo da app, fisicamente no.



Molto strano.
Quando fai il paring devono apparire:
Una icona per il device
Una icona per ogni bottone del dispositivo

Puoi provare con vitrum 1 e mandarmi uno screenshot di quello che appare?
Assicurati di installare la versione di test dell app e non quella dello store homey.

Fammi sapere

What do you need from me? I can you help you helping me :grinning:.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards from Portugal.

Hello, I have set up the entire house, the problem that remains is with the VITRUM 6 ON/OFF devices which continue to give me the error “COULD NOT GET DEVICE BY ID” on the HOMEY app.

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