[APP][Pro] Vitrum v3: App for Vitrum switches SDK3

App for Vitrum switches supporting SDK3

Supported devices:

  • EU On-Off (I, II, III, IV, VI)
  • BS Satellite (I, II, IV)
  • BS On-Off (I, II, IV)

You can send me productTypeId and productId, if you want to add another devices.


  • Added Several Product IDs and Product Type IDs

App Store Page: [Vitrum v3 App for Homey | Homey]
App Store Page - Test version [Vitrum v3 App for Homey | Homey]


Hello I was just wondering is there any chance you can make this app compatible with Hogar control switches which are similar to these or help update the existing app to work with the homey pro 2023. The current developer has no intentions of updating the existing app.

Unfortunately jonathan i don’t own any Hogar switch so i cannot write an app for them.

And to be honest, since no-one is answering to my support request for Vitrum switches, i’m not motivated anymore to develop it further…

Thanks anyways. Wish I knew how to.

Hello ! I have some issues with the vitrum switches. They don’t update the status in homey pro when you operate the physical button. Is there any setting that I am missing ?

On which vitrum switch model are you getting this?

If you are on a slave, you should build a flow that Is updating the master status once the slave button Is pressed.

I’m also assuming that both master and slave are paired via zwave associations.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Hi Oreste
I am using the old Vitrum app on an early 2016 Homey, which works well, but I hope to migrate to the new Homey soon. These are the Vitrum BS switches I use and if you can kindly add them to your app that would be great!
Vitrum I On-Off BS Product Type ID: 8704 Product ID: 37120
Vitrum II On-Off BS - 8704 / 37376
Vitrum I Satellite BS - 9216 / 41216
Vitrum II Satellite BS - 9216 / 41472

These are from the “Advanced Settings” in the Homey app.


I’m on Christmas holiday right now but i’ll do my best to implement it asap starting from beginning of January 2024.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Oreste. Hope you have a good Christmas!


you can find the latest official manuals for latest generation Vitrum Cloud devices under: https://www.vitrum.com/IT/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/USERS-MANUAL-CLOUD-SYSTEM.pdf

These are ZwavePlus devices with lot of options compared to older generation parts.

Alexus, this is an amazing information!
I already started updating the existing code base with those parameters and features!

Many thanks!

there are also some hidden configuration parameters like setting up the brightness of the LEDs on the module (P206 and p207). Please check this out: Product Configuration Capabilities

Alexus, those configuration parameters have already been implemented in the App.
Thanks anyway!

I’m new Homey Pro user especially for my switch Vitrum.
But I try to associate my BS II On/Off and it doesn’t works. The switch is include like a z-wave piece non reconize. Thanks for yopur help


Add it as a normal Zwave Device and send me the screenshots of your settings panel.
I need those infos:
Vendor ID
Product Type ID
Product ID

Every Vitrum Device has a different ID. I’ll ad it to the app so you will be able to include it.

Looking forward to it.

Hi Oreste

thanks you for your help.
Vendor ID : 266
Product type ID : 28978
Product ID : 3924



this test version includes your IDs

Please Try IT and report here if everything works

Once I get your feedback, i’ll publish a new Official Release

So cool

It’s perfect

Thanks you.

Could I send you later, the same information for my BS IV :wink: ?

Sure, Send me IDs for every Vitrum device which is supported by the APP.