[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

As of today i cant select an AP in the “laatste verbinding verbroken” (last connection ended) option in the “if” part.

I got several flows with this option in the “if” part. Wanted to make some other flows with it, but i can’t see my AP’s to select from. I tried to restart the app a couple off times now, still no luck.

Anyone else with this problem?

After several attempts for fixing this problem (restart app, restart homey, ptp homey) i still got this problem. Does someone has a fix?

In my case the app doesn’t stops regularly. But I’m experiencing a lot of missing “Connected” triggers on Homey Firmware 7.3.0…

@ObelixNL Hi, Can you maybe add the Dream Router as a acces-point in the app?

In the card “Connected to Accesspoint” it shows only dedicated AP’s but my Dream Router is also an AP.


Hi @ObelixNL , plugin works very well. But I have one problem, the same as @Maurits . I am unable to create flows based on the integrated Wifi-AP in my UDM(Unifi Dream Machine).

Is it possible to create an update that will fix that?

My network consist of 1 x UDM(With integrated switch and AP), 1 X Unifi POE switch, 2 x Access points. - Let me know if you need any other info.

Note flows that is activated with my 2 native access point work well. UBM will not show up in the list when I try to create a flow based on roaming.

I don’t have a dream machine, so i cant check this out. Are people from The Netherlands with an dream machine so i can look with you?

@ObelixNL I live in the Netherlands and I have an UDM (NOT pro) how could I help?

I can also help with an UDR

Hi @ObelixNL !

I’ve tried to report an issue with this app, but github link just does not work so I tought I’m gonna give a try here.

Issue is related to wired client. I want to start a flow when a specified wired client is get connected but the flow does nothing when it connects. (Related tile gets the yellow exclamation and if I test the flow it runs) I guess the flow card (Connected) has some issue, because I have similar flows with wireless clients and those work well.

I’ve got UDM-Pro.

If you can look into it, would be very cool! :wink:

I will add to this. Wired client (In this case Windows 10), when going to sleep mode doesn’t disconnect, but goes into low power (10mbit) mode - even when Wake On Lan is disabled. If there is a way in the Unifi API to catch this condition, I would be very glad for this as a flow card.

Sidenote: I also tried using the “Smart Presence” app to detect status of this computer, but Windows Firewall is filtering closed ports even when port explicitly opened in the Firewall. Got to do with “stealth mode”, witch I can’t seem to disable even after numerous Google searches.

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