[APP][Pro] Ubiquiti UniFi Network

I created another new user, new password and removed the previous attempt from Unifi. I changed the Roles to allow full access for network and UniFi OS. Still not connection and still the Debug Event: ctrl error [object Object].
I have the site as default and had the Host as unifi

Any ideas? I am now guessing


Do you restarted the app? Or Homey?

Can you send me an screenshot from your settings in my DM?

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Now we can block and unblock devices: is there a way to detect “Blocked” state? I do see an AND card for “Connected”, but not for “Blocked”? :slight_smile:

You can’t receive events from an blocked device , blocked device is not connected any more.

What do you want to do ?

I assumed that the device status would be reported from the controller? There is a difference between a device being disconnected (left the house, disabled wifi), and a device being blocked on the AP. Maybe a device property tag?

I would just like to be able to check if a device is still blocked in the morning by the flow (could have been unblocked using the Unifi app for example). It’s not a big deal, but I usually check the current status before changing and logging it in the timeline for example. For now I added AND “Connected” for the device as a workaround. :slight_smile:

When will the new version be released in the app store?

In app settings there seem to be a little bug…just as information.

When selected “websocket and interval”, then it’s possible to show Site IDs.
When selected “interval only”, I get http 401 error in the second tab and no Site IDs.

Test version has been working flawless for over a week. Thank you for all your effort @ObelixNL

Hi there,

I installed the app today and it says connected. But when i try to add a device i get the message ‘Request failed with status code 401’ Does anybody know how to solve this?

With regards


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Please try to set to “websocket and interval” in app settings and try again. See my post 2 post above. Perhaps it’s the same reason. It seems that the websocket connection to read device data gets not initialized correctly if “interval only” is set.

are those options available in the test version?

Yes, they are.
If I remember right, the current live version was reduced to “interval only” and the Websocket was added again as optional selection in test version. I don’t know if it’s corresponding but you could try.

In the live version there is no option to change the interval, it’s set at 15 seconds. websocket isn’t mentioned

Then try the test version :wink:

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Ok, I uninstalled the live version, installed the test version and am getting the 401 error mentioned above even with set to “websocket and interval”
What does happen is that in the UniFi OS system log the user account I created for Homey is showing as logged in

You don’t need to uninstall the live version before. Just install over to keep your devices - like an update.
I just hoped the activated websocket would help to prevent the http error - as it was possible for me in app settings page.
I think we have to wait for @ObelixNL to check this issue.

Haven’t managed to get as far as having devices :disappointed_relieved:

I can confirm that adding devices is not possible.
http 401 error in pair view independent of the app settings.

Same as with the live version. I will wait and hope that @ObelixNL can find out what is wrong. Until then I will leave the test version installed but disabled, it cannot do anything currently

Is it possible to change mode of a ubiquiti switch port connected to the udm or Cloudkey.

For example turn off the PoE on a port or disable the port so a wifi access point can be deactivated by night and activated during daytime.