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It’s in the 1st post:

Here’s an example

How or where can I find that Official Api Acces Secret ? To fill in the homey app ?

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When i query the device in tuya cloud development website. I get the temperature value without the decimals.
I dont know how I can change this behavior. The display on the heatpump is showing 1 decimal, so the information must be available ?!?

What does the temperature in the smartlife mobile app show? Is it with or without the digit?
Most probably the format is the same as in the cloud development site.
Then only heatpump manufacturer or Tuya can adjust it to make the digit available.

Yes, it is without decimals in the smartlife app as well.
… Ouch thats stings a bit.
Thanks for your input!

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I’ve got this email from Tuya that i need to login to redeem the contracts because they will expire.
When i go there i get a Yellow information “bubble” with the following text;

"You have seven days from the time your billing statement is sent to you to review it or dispute a charge. If you do not do so within the specified period, it is deemed that you authorize the system to confirm the billing statement is correct.`’

Does this meen they will (try) to start billing within 7 days??

There’s also this;

“Contract Renewal Method:
Renew Contract Automatically”

I’m a bit scared now since the prices are $25/50k for a year…

Got my AC connecton working with Tuya Cloud. ( Using HP23)

But it looks like changing temperature is not working.

Can power on/off, and read the matching temperature, but temp set-point will not update.

Is this known issue ?

The send command does work, so this is not a big deal.

Depuis deux jour je reçois les message suivant de la part de Homey
“You are still using the old deprecated API and drivers, please switch to new drivers only.”
Je ne trouve pas comment m’en sortir. Qu’e
lqu’un d’entre vous a t il solution à me proposer.

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Please look for “Raw commands” in post #1

Hello Jean-Marie,
Please read post #1 to start with.

Yes, that solved it.

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