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Anyone had the issue where you added a device to the Tuya app and then you try and add it in Homey and you get a quick screen saying “found a new device” but then “No device found” comes up and the device isn’t added.

I would like to start by thanking @Jurgen_Heine for his great work on this app, and I hope someone else at some point might be able to take over. I have never developed an app, and frankly wouldn’t even know where to start, so I don’t think it could be me.

With that said, because of the fact that @Jurgen_Heine built raw commands into the homey app, I have been able to use a device that is not on the list of devices yet.

I have created a advanced virtual device with all the characteristics of the device (in my case a CREATE fan, that included a Tuya / Smart Life controller) and use raw commands to update the virtual device when an update is received from the Tuya IoT platform and vice versa.

The raw commands / messages from Tuya to Homey all have the format

I am very happy with this, as before I was using controlled the fan with homey by going to IFTTT and then run a smart life scene, but I would not get an update if I would control the fan directly (with remote or smart life app)

If you would like to add you own device, you can see the structure, and data type of the command under device debugging in the Tuya IoT platform

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ik krijg het niet aan de praat met de nieuwe verdie van de api .
is er ergens anders nog een makkelijkere handleiding ?
of iemand die mij kan helpen hiermee of dit voor mij in orde kan maken ?