Lsc smart connect op homey


IIk heb al bestaande lampen van lsc smart connect. Deze werken via de tuya app. Hoe krijg ik ze nu werkend in homey. Zouden jullie dit stap voor stap uit kunnen leggen ???

Bedankt alvast

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I already have existing lamps from lsc smart connect. These work via the tuya app. How do I get them working in homey now. Could you explain this step by step ???

Thanks in advance

Where i find this ?

  1. Set Username, Password and CountryCode These are the same as with first login of the mobile app

Those are the credentials you used with the official Tuya app (the non-Homey one) on your phone.


I would like to ask a little bit more info about this topic.
I had 3 devices configured in the ‘Tuya Smart’ app (not the homey app). These 3 devices could be controlled from Homey.

But now i bought an other device that only exist in de ‘LSC Smart Connect’ app.
So I added these 4 devices in this LSC app. So now i have to change the Tuya cloud settings in the Homey app. (From ‘Business (same as smartphone app)’ TUYA to Smart Life.)

But when I want to add the devices in Homey, it can’t find any new device…

So please, could someone help me with this? Someone who uses this app with Smart Life?

Thx in advance.

Het is niet mogelijk om de Homey Tuya Cloud app te gebruiken met de LSC Smart Connect app. Dit wordt niet ondersteund door Tuya.