[APP][Pro] Telegram Notifications

Telegram Notifications

This app adds support to send Telegram messages from and to your Homey Pro.


How to setup

  1. Install the app
  2. Set up your own Telegram bot. This is fully secure and private, since you are the only one who can access the message archive. Enter @Botfather in the search tab of Telegram and choose the @Botfather bot.
  3. Click “Start” to activate @BotFather bot or enter /newbot. I recommend to set the bot to private (aka /setjoingroup to DISABLED) and to set the privacy to DISABLED (Send /setprivacy to @BotFather)
  4. Enter the Token inside the app settings
  5. Write your bot over Telegram /start and follow the instructions
    Each user has to also send the Bot the /start command. You can share the Bot via Telegram over the profile or search for the like u searched for the BotFather bot.


Upcoming features

Can’t wait? Install the test version of Telegram Notifications!

Feedback / Bugs

Any requests please post them in the Telegram Notifications topic on the Athom Community forum
Please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in this topic.




  • Workaround for Telegrams’s image caching


  • Added “Send an Image (Token)” flow
  • Added “Send an Image (Token) with Message” flow
v1.1.0 (Test Version Only)
  • Added “Send an Image (URL)” flow
  • Added “Send an Image (URL) with Message” flow


  • Bug fixes


  • Added ‘A new user/chat has been discovered’ flow card
  • Added support for a password for the /start command


  • Status of the bot in the settings page
  • Allowing to remove users individually.
v1.0.7 (Test Version Only)
  • Improved Settings Page
v1.0.6 (Test Version Only)
  • Added Logs to the settings page.
  • Added Dutch translation - Thanks to @Twan_Veugelers


  • Better error handling
  • Updated settings page
  • Updated Store page
v1.0.4 (Test Version Only)
  • German Translation
v1.0.3 (Test Version Only)
  • Added Homey Community Topic to the manifest
v1.0.2 (Test Version Only)
  • Update flows with more tokens
v1.0.1 (Test Version Only)
  • Added “When a message is received” flow card


  • Initial release
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Hello, what’s the difference/advantage compared tovthe app Telegram Bot?

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Mostly a more modern app (SDKv3, Telegram API v4). So the more possibility’s. The Telegram bot from Jorden was updated last updated 3 years ago and wasn’t working for me.

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Ok fair. Is it possible to send messages to telegram groups with your app?

Yes in the upcoming version, private chats, groups and supergroups are supported with version 1.0.3 :slight_smile:

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Nice, were you also aware of the CallMeBot app?

Yes of course, but I wanted a system where I don’t have to use a 3rd party service to send a message.
Also CallMeBot doesn’t support message receiving :slight_smile:


I was able to follow the instructions from the first post just fine.
Now I want to add users in the app settings in Homey, but I can’t.
What am I missing?

It says: Empty :frowning:

Sure you have additional user accounts present @ your Homey?

Yes, both me, my wife and a guest have been created.

They have also to contact the bot, since it has to know the user id :slight_smile:

Edit: I will edit the instructions to make it more clear. Each User has to write the bot the /start command and register. To find the bot you can enter the bot name into the search of Telegram or share the bot via profile

Yeah, found it out now. I was still working in the botfather.

Somehow the part about starting the bot from the link in the message created by the botfather was not clear to me.

Ah, so it has nothing to do with Homey users (user accounts), but with Telegram users :grimacing:.

And FYI the Test version receiving msgs works fine

Glad to hear, if u have any questions or feedback, let me know!

Thank you for testing :slight_smile: I hope I get the approval from Athom soon for the test version.

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Would it be possible to ‘answer’ a question from a flow with yes or no and decide the continuation of the flow based on that answer, with the receiving message functionality coming in 1.0.3?

It would be possible when splitting the flow in 2 flows.
The first flow sends the question, the second flow triggers the flow by ‘message received’ , dependent on the answer (and user).

You mean like you send a question (e.g. Would you like to close the blinds?) to a chat and answer it with Yes or No?
With the with the version 1.0.3, technically yes. But you would have to store the last asked question in a variable. And check with “A message received” the answer.

I could implement that functionality inside the app. Once I have so free time for that and I have a test version I’ll let you know.

You always beat me with 1m :smiley:
And you could that in one flow with adv. flow :slight_smile:

Sorry 'bout that hehe.

Updated the test version to 1.0.5.
Just little minor changes. Most visible is a german translation and updated setup instructions.

Update ist out for everyone.