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The live version updated to 1.0.5 this morning, but now I can not see any users anymore. Eventhough the bot tells me I’m already in the user list.

I have tried to:
Clear users (user id was visible but no names (if I remember correctly they showed as undefined))
Restart app
De + Re install app
Configure app with correct token
Restart app

Still the user list is empty

So I deleted the bot from Telegram, Created a new one.
Registered my user, now it works again.
But the naming convention is shown differently

That’s my bad! I didn’t though of that. I changed the internal saving, since 1.0.5 support group chats and superchats now (Group chats with permissions). It should have been enough to clear the users and do /start again on the Telegram chat.
Thank you for letting me know!

Yes I changed the naming from the Telegram username to the first name and as backup the username.

Would I be able to help you create a Dutch translation?

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I send you a PM :slight_smile:


If I understand the mechanism correctly, it would be possible for any Telegram user to add my bot, if he can guess the correct name. And thereby I would not be notified.

If this assumption is correct, would it be possible to let Telegram Notification have a ‘When’ card ‘A new user has been discovered’?

best regards,

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Yes, that’s true.
I was thinking about to add a “password” to the /start command, but at the end I was against it. Since you have to choose a user at the flow.

I can add that :slight_smile:

Check out the test version :slight_smile:


  • Added ‘A new user/chat has been discovered’ flow card
  • Added support for a password for the /start command

Hi, even Telegram Bot works for me, the reason it hasn’t been updated for such a long time and as it reports me some error about ‘reading slice’, I decided to try out Telegram Notifications but now I see it can’t send picture - do you plan to implement it please ?

I’ll take a look at it. Should be possible, but not sure how long it will take :slight_smile:


Hello @Sharkys

I just pushed a test version with support to send images.
You just have to enter the URL of the image to the flow card and the rest will do the app.
The Images wont get saved to the Homey.

If you found something missing or not working, don’t be afraid to tell me! :slight_smile:

Best regards.


Hi @spkesDE , thank you, can be also Image Tags used? Eg. image from camera without pointing to URL actually…

Hey @Sharkys.
I just updated the test version. Should be possible now!
Feel free to give feedback, since I don’t have a way to test it :slight_smile:

Best regards


Excellent, seems to be working fine, thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to make a group chat where I can send the messages to every users in the group

You can add the bot to a group chat (/setjoingroup has to be on enabed at the BotFather). Then give the bot the /start command inside the group.

And for everyone else: the update 1.1.1 has been released.

Unfortunately the images aren’t updating.

It looks like that the images get cached somewhere, because the app keeps sending the same image. When I use (for example) the snapshot url of one of my ip camera’s, it only sends the first grabbed snapshot, and keeps using that in future Telegram messages.

This happens to both the Image-tag as Image-URL options.

I use it with callmebot Signal bot like this. Note the 1s delay, to be sure the latest snapshot is available!
Screenshot from 2022-08-11 17-28-18

Or this might work better?
Screenshot from 2022-08-11 17-43-07

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In regard to the ability of ‘answering’ a question. And based on the answer, decide what to do in the flow.
I have a possible way of creating that.
If you are able to configure (in the app configuration):

  • a question(name)
  • the default answer
  • the wait time
  • alternative answer 1
  • alternative answer 2
  • etc

Then you can send ‘Question Name’ with more human readable text, provide the possible answers. Then if after ‘wait time’ has expired without a valid answer, the ‘default answer’ will be ‘send’(?) (or ‘received’) (not sure how you would do that). Depending on the received answer to ‘Question Name’ the possible different flow routes can be used.

I hope my thoughts are clear enough.

With the other Telegram app that extra step wasn’t necessary. It automatically grabbed a fresh snapshot from the camera’s Snapshot-Tag (not the Motion Snapshot, which is a different thing).

Besides that, the normal URL option doesn’t get updated images either.

Currently I’m using the homey cloud to get the images since it was the easiest way. Could be the problem that the image is not uploaded yet to the cloud. Since I don’t have a motion camera to test it will take some more time. I’ll check it out once I have a couple of days off.

I have already a “proof of concept” version but it has still some flaws in it. the POC is currently working with reply feature of telegram. I have todo some brain storming and include your idea into my POC.
If you have any more ideas let me know! :slight_smile:

Best regards :v: