[APP][Pro] Tapo

Please add P110M


@donkfather Hi, just curious :slight_smile: I noticed there is also another app for Tapo now. Are you still developing this one??


Can you add my new P115?


Thx for your support :slight_smile:

Please ad p115 MAC: 5C-E9-31

Hi @donkfather
Please ad mac-adr. P115: A8:42:A1

Please add tapo L500-L520 :pray:

Hi, I am new to Homey (Pro). So I am learning…

I have a number of TAPO P110 smart plugs and have been using the TAPO app for Android. To get the power consumption of my heat pump I now and then export the data using the Android app.

First of all I do not find power data at all in the Homey environment. I only see some flow nodes like “when power changes” or “when power becomes larger than”.

Do I overlook something? Is it possible to access / export power consumption and current data with an existing Homey app?

I think that other app uses the cloud to control the devices, I am not sure. This app uses local LAN, so no cloud integration