[APP][Pro] Tapo

Hello, I’m very new to this so bear with me.
I created this topic to have a place to complain about and make requests for devices in the unofficial Tapo app (and yes, I’m the developer)

Getting started
After you install the app go to the app’s settings and add the Tapo username and password.
These are used to authenticate to the device.
Wifi devices need to be on the same network with your Homey.

It is also recommended to give your Tapo device a fixed ip address, because after adding the device to homey, this address will be saved, and used everytime homey connects to the device.


  1. Set static ip to the device
  2. Add username and password in the app settings
  3. Add a device
  4. Report any bugs you find

Supported Devices

  • L510 (onoff, dim)
  • L930 (onoff, dim, colors, effects)
  • L900 (testing)
  • L920 (testing)
  • P100 (*with P110 driver [alpha version])
  • P110 (onoff)
  • P115 (onoff)
  • P110M (Requested)
  • P300 (Requested)


  • C100 (Use with Onvif app)

Future plans

  • To support more devices but since I don’t own them I might need your help with informations.
  • To add Cloud discovery (Added manual IP setting instead)

So let me hear you.
How can I help ?


Thank you.
Is it better now ? Do I need to add something else ?

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@donkfather this is great. I’m looking forward to see more Tapo devices being supported. I have a few Tapo P110 and P110M so happy to do some testing for you and make a donation as well once they are working. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Great stuff, i have a L900 strip I really like to link to Homey.
Currently trying to install the app and see if it’ll work with the L930 configuration


It does not, it cannot find the light unfortunately.
What do you need from me to get this implemented?

It uses MAC discovery so if the prefix is not in the list it won’t find it. I will try to add cloud discovery but meanwhile if you send me the MAC (the first 3 blocks) i can add it and release a new app. Or find a way to add the MAC dynamically or the ip address of the device.

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The first 3 blocks are

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New test version That adds support for L900 and L510. Also you can add the ip address of the device (Which must be static) in the app settings for discovery

Thank you very much for your efforts. Is it possible to add Tapo p300 multi-socket and Tapo C100 camera?

I’m planning to add as many as I can but I’m a bit short on time. L930 was fast to implement because I had the device but with the one’s I don’t have it’s a bit harder. Working on it


Have you tried with the test version ?

I have, thanks for that.

I was not able to discover the L900 but adding the IP address worked.
The On/Off button works as normal but the dimming shows an JSON error (and does nothing else),
I did not have tie to look into this further. What do you need from me to troubleshoot that ?

If it just is possible - would be cool to have way to turn Tapo cameras privacy mode on/ off. Maybe even just that toggle because Tapo App is fine for viewing etc other functions. Use case here would be that when entering home, privacy mode on and when leaving, mode off ( which makes then the normal motion detection settings defined in Tapo app active)


There is a Create Diagnostic report in the App settings. Click that and send me the ID generated

Hey, Will have to look into it and let you know

I bought today a P110, P115 and a C220. Will see If I can integrate the first 2 since the camera might already have something.

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I have a couple of P115 device and looking forward to ad them to Homey, hope you can do this in the future.

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Thanks for the app @donkfather !

I’d like to add support for the L920. Is the sources for the app available (GitHub etc)?

The mac starts with B4:B0:24

Also, the IP address should perhaps be a setting of the individual device, instead of app global, as otherwise you can’t add more than one device if I understand it correctly.

Some apps have that as part of the add device flow, where there is a link during the auto discovery to enter the address manually instead

Hey, I will try to release a test version today with L920 (since i see it’s pretty similar to L930).