[APP][Pro] Synology

Hello Martijn,
The image is saved correct, but the name is the same as the last image so the last image will be lost. Is there a possibility tho chage the name of the new image? For Examples with time stamp?

Hey @Ramon_Zuidgeest
It is possible but it will flood the memory of your Homey. So that’s why I didn’t do that.
You can store the image to a NAS for examples. Or share with another system like Telegram or Slack

Oke, I mean the picture on the Synology. I have only the newest. The rest is rewritten. (sorry for my english)

My bad! Sorry I thought I was talking in another topic :see_no_evil:

The name is always the same.
But I can change that to a option where you van chose what you want.

For now i made it like a normal FTP which overwrites the same file

I’ll add a option to make it dynamic

Thanks again :grin:

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New app update (test: 1.8.0.):

  • NEW: add flowcard to upload a file with hashed filename

@Ramon_Zuidgeest added the flowcard to the test version. Can you install the test version (click above link) and try it out? :slight_smile:

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IT works great, but the difference is not easy to see

Oh ! Yeah Will edit. Theres a difference in webapp and native app

New app update (live: 1.8.1.):

  • NEW: add flowcard to upload a file with hashed filename
  • FIX: flowcard title for mobile
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Works like a charm!

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Ben net begonnen met deze app en loop tegen het volgende aan. Je kan het diskstation eigenlijk te gemakkelijk in of uitschakelen met het apparaat icoon.
Suggestie: Kan je daar nog zoiets inbouwen als weet u dat zeker? Of kan je als tussenstap specifiek naar het venster met de aan/uit knop gaan, waar je dan je actie kan bevestigen?

Please keep it English. But you can enable always on. That’s what I did too. By accident I turned the device off too. Sometimes the homey app is slow and doesn’t register the hold on a device icon.

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I know, but I prefer default OFF and to prevent switching on accidentally

I agree.
Because when i switch it of by mistake
Then is also must restart serveral containers and start USB support.
But that is not possible in the Homey app. So i must login the NAS.

Hey guys
I guess i can remove the toggle on the tile.
I Will check that

You could install the ssh app and do it by commandline

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Hello Ramon,
I also do not see this homey-synology folder in my File Station. What did you do to see/get this folder?

This Will show up in the user directory of the logged in user.

Make sure to have SFTP enabled

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I do not have this folder “homey-synology” on my Synology File Station. I have also tried to create a new shared folder with this name in the root of the File Station, but this does not help.

When I open my flow on Homey and press “Test”, I get the green check mark next to the Synology Diskstation Upload file card, but I cannot find any new uploaded file on the Synology File Station.

Did you check the home folder from the logged in user?