[APP][Pro] Synology

New app update (test: 1.6.11.):

  • ADD: papertrail logging
  • FIX: check powerstate of Synology

@fantross @rindler

If you enable Debug logs in the device settings then the logs are send to my papertrails instance. There I can see your logs.

If you want, can you share the device name in a DM, so I know which Log i need to look at :slight_smile:

Also made another fix to the check onOff state. Let’s hope this is it :crossed_fingers:


I installed the app and has connected the NAS. Got at first data in retern. But after 10 minutes the app was swithched off by Synology. updated Data is not updated to actual numbers.

Hey @Jan-vK ,

seems like an issue with data. Can you share a diagnostic report?

More → Apps → Synlogy → Settings wheel right top → Send diagnostic report


Report issues code



Hey @Jan-vK ,

Issue is that the app can’t fetch the Synology MAC address. Therefor it can’t send a Wake-On-Lan.
Make sure you have enabled WOL in your NAS.

DSM → control panel → hardware & power → WOL on lan 1

If you want to use WOL. You can find the mac address here:

DSM → control panel → info center → network → Lan 1 → mac address.

Fill this mac address in the device settings in Homey

New app update (test: 1.7.0.):

  • NEW: add file upload via SFTP (port 22)

The file will upload to the home folder of the logged in user. In a folder named 'homey-synology’

Note: Make sure to enable SFTP in your Synology to use this function. > Control panel > File services > FTP > Enable SFTP (port 22 recommended)


Example flow with Eufy doorbell image: Shared Flow | Homey




Thank you for your help, it works


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There is some problems with day time 2.82 uur??

another problem is that if i press the reboot button the nas goes off??

Hey @XeNoN62 ,
What problems do you have with the daytime?

To reboot your NAS you should enable Wake On Lan

Check this message [APP] Synology - #125 by martijnpoppen

Thanks for your donation :smiley:

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2.82 uur shouldn’t that be 3.22?

Your welcome :hugs: Great app!

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2.82 uur shouldn’t that be 3.22?
Wake on LAN is indeed the solution!

Yeah you’re right. Will change that!

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New app update (live: 1.7.2.):

  • NEW: add file upload via SFTP (port 22)
  • FIX: time format in hours and minutes
  • FIX: German Language Corrections
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Hello @martijnpoppen

Same issues over here. In Homey the app shows that my Synology is turned off and (within 2 minutes) is turned on. In reality the Synology isn’t down. I couldn’t find a solution myself. Any idea what could be wrong?

@Walter_vande_kerkhof Probably a IP issue. Can you try to give your NAS a fixed ip adress or use a alias.

Alias you can do like so:

Control Panel > Network > DSM settings > Domain

Then if you browse to synology.local you get your DSM.

In Homey change the IP you filled in to synology.local. That will probably resolve things.

What is happening:
When your NAS turns off another device is taking that IP. Then when it’s started again it cannot get the same IP and shows as offline.

I already had a fixed IP for my synology NAS so that’s not the issue. Does an alias add something new or is it just an alternative for a Fixed IP address. In other words, is it worth trying to use an alias even if the IP address was fixed in the first place?

I don’t think that will add much value.

In this case can you send a diagnostic report?

More → Apps → Synlogy → Settings wheel right top → Send diagnostic report