[APP][Pro] Synology Surveillance Station 2

@Mike1233 to be honest. I don’t know. Didn’t build the app and never used it. Only doing maintenance :sweat_smile:

@martijnpoppen then you know it now. No problem. :+1:t2::wink:

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It looks like when I use the “Snapshot” tag in multiple cards in a flow, the app takes a new snapshot for each individual card. Is there any way to take a snapshot once and keep that same image for use in other cards/flows?

@JeeHaa as far as i know it keeps updating

Mmmm… I guess that’s convenient when you just need a snapshot once, but not so much when that same snapshot has to be used in multiple cards. The next card creates a new snapshot, taking additional time, so it may not even capture the event any more. I’m also confused why the “Create snapshot” card even exists then?

Anyway, not a big deal but I was just wondering if I missed a solution or workaround. :slight_smile:

@JeeHaa good question, i didn’t create the app so cant answer that question :stuck_out_tongue:
But will check next week

Hi. I have also a problem. The are No live Pictures of my cameras. In the Synology NAS i can see live Pictures.
Here ist the diagnostic Code:

Thanks in advance

@Jorg_Gahrmann not much that i can see in the logs. make sure to trigger the snapshot card first before sendin a report

I am not sure what do you exactly mean, but i hope the i trigger now both cards and the i generate the diagnostic code.


This is what i see

@Jorg_Gahrmann report looks good, so looks like the snapshot functionality is not properly working on your synology.

please try to debug in your surveillance center. Not much I can do

:person_facepalming:Sorry, my mistake. I restart my NAS. Now everything works fine.
Kind regards😄

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@Jorg_Gahrmann nice! :smiley:


The app is working just fine for me, Thnx, only one option I’d like :
Is it possible to send a recorded video (recorded via flow surveillance station start - stop recording) by email ?

Kind regards, DjKolk.

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Hmm not sure, that would require your homey to be a broker and download the video form the surveillance station. can be quite memory heavy.

I have to dive into that if that’s possible at all.

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I can’t add my Surveillance Station to homey : the connexion page runs forever without any error message.

I tried using several addresses :

  • DNS address on HTTTPS (which is open though my router on port 443)
  • LAN IP address on HTTPS
  • LAN IP address on HTTP

I used an account which has viewer access on all objects in surveillance Station.

I could use this account with the DNS address on DS CAM app on first try.

Am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance for your help

My configuration:

  • Homey Pro 2023
  • Surveillance station 9.1.4.-10998 running on Synology DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 3
  • IOS homey app
  • 2 PTZ cameras

@Ronan_PAUL please try the test version : Synology Surveillance Station 2 | Homey (green install button)

Thanks, I have been able to connect my Surveillance Station, and then to addd my 2 cameras !

One question though : when I long-click on one of the camera within homey app, it displays the camera as a fixed image.
=> Can I configure it to get a live stream instead ?



@Ronan_PAUL Homey doesn’t support livestream :frowning:

Fair enough ! Thx again for your reply !

Hello Martijn,
I am trying to connect my surveillance station to the app, but whatever I do I am getting a timeout.

I tried xxx.synology.me ddns, local ip adres 192.168.2.xx, static IP adres of the router, port 554, 443, 5000, 5001 and my synology login account, but without succes.

Am I missing something? Do jou know what could be de cause and what can check?