[APP] Prometheus.io exporter

Current version is 0.1.4, which is not compatible with Homey 2.0.
The 0.2 version is on its way to the beta channel.

Some good info can still be found in the old forum.

Nice thnx!

I can’t w8 :slight_smile:

The update is now published to the beta channel.


I Will gonna try it by Appstore. What did I doe wrong?

Its installed!

@Kyrcio I’ve got the message. Connection refused…

Deze site is niet bereikbaar heeft de verbinding geweigerd.


@Sjalabert Try sending a diagnostics report, maybe that contains something (go to the app page in the mobile app and click the little gears icon)



Thanks, got it. Needed another null-check it seems. At least one of your devices has missing data that I can’t use, I changed so that I ignore these devices instead of failing. PM me your email and I can add you to the alpha testers (that applies to anyone interested of course). Otherwise just pull the master branch from github.

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這對我來說是中國人。 但非常感謝您的支持。 / that’s chinese for me. But thanks a lot for your support. :joy::joy:

Since homey 2.0 the app (v0.2.1) seems to keep stopping. It shows a “paused sign” next to the app name in the Homey overview page. After restarting the app it works again for several hours but next day it has stopped again.

I have clicked the ‘maak diagnostisch rapport’ button, so hopefully you have received something there.

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Edit: I see that the Prometheus exporter has almost exactly run for 12 hours and then stopped again. Seems like this happened almost on purpose?

Could you please send a diagnostic report again when this happens and paste the report id? I couldn’t find your report unfortunately.

Homey zelf opnieuw opgestart en sindsdien draait de Prometheus exporter non-stop :slight_smile:
Geen problemen meer dus!

Kan nog wel wat hulp gebruiken bij Grafana. Ik wil graag een tabel maken met een overzicht van welke lampen op dit moment aan staan (homey_device_onoff), het lastige is alleen dat prometheus geen waardes teruggeeft als een lamp niet aan staat, maar alleen een ‘1’ als een lamp aan is. Enig idee hoe dit te doen?

Plz keep the conversation in English!

Hi hwin,

This is quite easy with value mappings

The picture is showing my door, but (like your lights) it only communicates 1 and 0. The vaule mapping allows to make it say open or closed

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Hi guys, just curious, how much ram is your prometheus app using? this is mine:

whit an daily reboot of homey.

For me it varies between 40-60 megs.

Off-topic: why do you reboot your Homey every day?

To keep things running smoothly. Mainly for mem leaking apps


Could it be possible to make som settings for the app, where you name the homey to something different than just “homey”

If you got more than one Homey it is a bit hassle to differenciate them …

Jan E.

Renaming metrics goes a bit against the design of Prometheus (metric names should be well known and hard coded). You should be able to use the “instance” label to distinguish between Homeys. Does this work in your scenario?

Yeah … I am using different job names. But when searching for queries it would be a lot easier if I could search like “homey_pro” vs “homey”.

I am thinking of a one time setting. Like first setup of the app.

I understand that renaming metrics after the first setup time would make an mess. But if the app do no start until you name the homey … or something like that.

Jan E.