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Prometheus and 1.5.13 update

Anybody else seeing this kind of behavior in Grafana Dashboard?

On the left side the beta version of Homey, to the right the latest stable release. Did not have time yet to a PTP reboot, will try this tonight and see if this resolve the " offline" issue (because it looks like the connection is very often lost).
Ping times are also not stable but don’t know what it was before the update.

Is this the same as 1.5.13 rc14 on the left side and 1.5.13 on the right side?

Why is de rc14 removed it is still a beta release as far as I understand?

That’s correct. My best guess would be the same as ur best guess.

Yes, on the left, before the gap, was the RC, on the right side of the first gap is the Stable. A remote initiated reboot resolved the problems, no gaps anymore. Ping however is still not stable.

Ping does not say much, it has the lowest priority on Homey (Linux) and is influenced by other network traphic and other WiFi disturbances.

Just for the record: It’s still experimental.