[APP][Pro] SolarEdge

Confirmed that modbus isn’t available on wifi. After I asked why it used to work and suddenly stopped working… :roll_eyes:

I can confirm that connecting the inverter to utp did the trick. Thanks for the help everyone!

Hi all. in this crazy world and overloaded grid, I support now export limit control as flow and menu action ( disabled and export limit ) plus you can set the export limit in watts.
this only works when you have meters installed else it cannot measure this.

please try it out SolarEdge | Homey

thanks Edwin

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I have been using your app now for about 1 month, finally made a Ethernet connection for the inverter.
The app i working great most of the time but sometimes is looses connection with the inverter, or it stops reading new values (it don’t say there is no connection just no updated values).

After restart of Homey pro it starts working again, it does not help to restart the app.
It happens at night when the inverter is in sleep mode but not every night, once a week or something.

Any ides? or anyone else that have the same problem? Is there a fix? Maybe network problem? I have no ide where to start looking.
Best regards Dennis

yes, I noticed it myself that homey gets slower at some point. so slow that another timer is triggered when the 1st one is still running. Looks like there is some issue or leak on homey. restart of homey makes it fast again.

for that I changed the schedule to 45 seconds so it does not overlap. Can you try the above test version to see if it improves.

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fixes memory leak

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Then it wasn’t just me that had that issue.
Ok so I will start by testing with homey 7.4.2 and if the same failure occurs I will come back here and write that and try the test version of you app.

Thank you for so fast replay!

I also got the impression that homey became a lot less responsive lately. Did you find out if it was caused by the interval or just a general issue with homey?

no clue , will do some testing.