Connection between Homey pro 2023 and Solaredge SE10K / Modbus

I’d like to know what kind of interaction is possible between Homey pro 2023 and my Solaredge Inverter SE10k with Modbus and Wifi connection.
Is it possible to create flows, or just see electricity production/consumption (as in the Solaredge application)?
If this isn’t possible with my current device, could you tell me how it would be possible to create feeds (e.g. by buying which additional device)?

If this question is still relevant for you: I have a SE8K and use the SolarEdge + Growatt app to get data directly from the inverter (e.g. grid import/export, battery level/charge/discharge), voltages, etc.) and also set the battery charging modes. Flows work fine.

It works pretty perfect, but I have a wired connection. I heard about some restriction regarding the Modbus-over-TCP interface and WIFI so you might have to connect your inverter with ethernet cable.

I also have a question about a similar system. Everything works and I can make flows for charge/ discharge etc but I can’t see the import and export values in the homey app. The inverter wired to internet but the smart meter is connected wireles with home energy. Can this be the problem, and should I wire the smart meter also?