Modbus TCP add to Homey Pro

Hi again
Hope 2023 has started well: Anyone have any solution to read modbus tcp to homey pro. And if so, how I should go about installation and what hardware I may need.

Sincerely, Lord Mats AF


I use it on my SolarEdge app but it is just way of communication. Not like a zigbee device.

You need to build an app around it. Add a device which read the modbus registers and you have to make capabilities of them.

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Also, if SolarEdge is anything like Sofar, they use MODBUS RTU wrapped in a proprietary packet, so it’s not even real MODBUS IP.
The makes me wonder how many other MODBUS devices do a similar thing.

for solaredge I need to know the ip and modbus id plus use this doc to find all the registers

then translate these register values back to float etc which is hard