Hi Good continuation.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to read M-bus or Modbus protocols up to Homey Pro? Have thought to use Elvaco 3100 which has lisener for m-bus and Modbus in it with wired, water, heat, electricity meter with m-bus. Which is then put on the same network that Homey Pro is located in. And then be able to read off values in Homey. Anyone have any ideas how to solve this.
Thanks in advance Mats

Do you know if it is MODBUS-IP or MODBUS-RTU embedded in another packet?
Do you have any information on which registers contain the data, etc.

Hi Adrian
I think it’s Modbus-ip. Here is some information about the device (https://www.elvaco.se/Image/GetDocument/en/235/cme3100-users-manual-english.pdf.
With greeting Mats

I do this for my solaredge app, modbus tcp solaredge.modbus/solaredge.ts at main · biemond/solaredge.modbus · GitHub and solaredge.modbus/response.ts at main · biemond/solaredge.modbus · GitHub

Hi Edwin,
I am not an Modbus/ Homey Expert but it looks that it is feasible to adapt your solaredge modbus driver to the Fenecon / Fems home solar system.
If I am right I should only change in your code to the Fenecon Modbus adresses.
APIs - Externe Schnittstellen :: FENECON Dokumente (found it only in German :frowning: ). Ist that right?
With greetings Volker