[WIP] [APP] Nibe S-Series via Modbus


I’m working on an app for my Nibe S-Serie (S1155-6PC) to read out values like temperatures, brine temperatures, pump statusses, etc… It’s not connecting through MyUplink API, but through modbus (over TCP), which is built-in in the S-Series.

Things I would like to add, but not yet done, is the RMU S40 as a device.
At this stage no flows are created for the app, but if there is good use case to do so, I’ll try to add that too.


Anyone interested to have such an app? If so, I have to polish it a bit, add some additional stuff.


Hi Erik,

I’m very interested. I have a new S1155-6 with active cooling module myself and would like to link this with Homey.

I’d like to help testing your new app. And do you plan to make the code available on GitHub?

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Hi Roelof,

I didn’t develop it any further, but got pretty far with most important sensors, just for myself.
Share code on GitHub is no issue.

I never published it to the official Homey store or something like that. If you want you may continue with the code? As I decided to switch back ho Home Assistant and not using the Homey Pro at the moment.

This is what I have sofar:

Still some things needs to be better coded.

– Erik

Hallo Erik,

I also have an S1155-6PC and want to integrate it in “Myhomey” but how do you get the modbus data and is it possible to receive your test version


Hi Roel, I’m not actively developing it anymore.
The code is on GitHub: GitHub - x-erik/eu.nibe-modbus: This repository contains an Homey Pro app for Nibe S-Series.

Feel free to fork and make modifications and test off course.
Also you could ping @RoelofO who was interested in the same code as well.

Good luck.

– Erik

Hey all!
I am very interested in this app and I hope there are more people who are. I wish someone can continue the work that x-erik has started and publish a first modbus app for Nibe

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Hey @Roel_den_Hond , did you pick this up? I noticed a fork (GitHub - rjoomen/eu.nibe-modbus: This repository contains an Homey Pro app for Nibe S-Series.), is that yours?

I may be interested in picking this up. I started from x-erik’s code and got it running on my S1255 (had to do some hardcoding, discovery didn’t work). If anyone else is interested, contact me. x-erik, is it fine to fork?


Any development here? I have a Nibe S1155 and would love Homey support from it. I would like to take more control of trip temperature based on weather, electricity price, shower demand ++. A COP calulator would be easy to make with the right flows.

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I’m interested, also have a Nibe S1255 and want to connect it to Homey Pro.

Same here… would like to connect my S1155.

Looks a bit silent in here, it’s a pity there is no official S-series Nibe app just yet.
I’m not a programmer, so I couldn’t help with an app, but having no app made me looking at and implementing Home Assistant and slowly moving things over to HA.

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I’m very interested in a finished app but unfortunately I’m not a coder. I have a S1255 and if you have an installation guide I would be very happy.


I am very intrested of a myuplink app to my s1255. I can not code but is that anyone who develop this app?

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I also have a S1255.
Im neither a developer but since there is a app that connects to ”NibeUplink” maybe someone who have the knowledge could copy and made change to have it work even to ”MyUplink”?

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Hi Erik,
I have a heatpump of Stiebel Eltron with an ISG webinterface. This ISG also offers modbus by TCP/IP and i have the documentation of registeres etc.
Can you add this into your app? or can tell me with sourcecode i have to modify to get it work?

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Wierd Nibe doesn’t have its own app for this.

Any way, I have a S-735 and i hope anyone with skills and energy will create an app for this.

Hi @Daniel_Lofgren Check Nibe S-series/MyUplink Heat Pump

There is an NIBE-S-series app, version 2.2.0, source Github with a lot more parameters as from @x-erik.

Looking at the code, no special NIBE-S heatpomps are defined, so it might work for any NIBE heatpomp with an MODBUS interface.

I installed it for two heatpomps controlled by a one SMO S40. Not all parameters are shown, I have just to find out why.

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