Need a bit of app development help to get an modbus PLC to work with homey

Hello there

I’m new to this, but I am using homey as part of my journeyman final electrician’s project.

I have some Concepts where one of them would require someone with a little more app expertise than me.

In short, I would like it to be possible to get the homey app to connect to a Modbus plc.
This would enable me to control a frequency converter and motor control.

I cannot figure out how to do this with the homey app tool however.

Furthermore, I have some Concepts for what specifically I would like the app to show, and control which I could use some input with.

I am Danish and I’ll be happy to share my FB contact info if anyone could enlighten me

How are you planning to connect to the PLC, via TCP/IP?
Do you understand the MODBUS protocol to implement it?
What GUI interface do you see yourself using in Homey to be able to control the devices?