Mbus and modbus


i am trying to work out how to read values via mbus and via modbus frem external devices into the Homey Pro - but not yet found a way.

Are there any known working solutions for these two bus systens or just one of them?

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Just search for modbus on this forum.
As it takes some reading time, hereby a solution [APP][Pro] SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus - #608 by Arjan_Neet

Maybe you can use a modbus library.

And some extra hardware I presume?

Something that support modbus…
Please specify your user case?

I did try to search modbus but did not fibd that one… i will try to read it…. But how du you pair the Homey Pro with tgat device? Is there a app that install from the homepage?

What about mbus is there a solution for that as well?

For reading the power meter of my house(mbus I suppose), I use Youless LS120 with the “Youless and Enerlogic” app on HP2023.
With the modbus adaptor I am going to read my Growatt inverter with the app SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus App voor Homey | Homey

The https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B07DNWM62H/ref=pe_28126711_487102941_TE_SCE_dp_1 does support HTTP client, so it might be controlled by Homey by HTTP GET and PUT. Otherwise you have to make an app for your own devices.

Search modbus in Apps voor Homey Pro