Growath & Solar Edge


Just added my Growatt Mod 4000TL3-XH to the Solar Edge App. The inverter connected well but no values are displayed. Any suggestions what I can do?

I think you better can ask it in this topic.


just to be sure did you do this , it does not have modbus support out of the box.

and also can you send me a diagnostic report

also I hope the app will be pushed tomorrow and then I can start changing the official forum.

Is it me, or are you using the wrong app? Growatt is not the same brand as Solar Edge?

The Growatt inverters work with the solar panels app:

Solar Edge just mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they are supporting Growatt as well. However I have SoloarEdge at my house in Switzerland and here the screen looks the same. No Values

The App connected very well to the Growatt and Solar Edge system bit does not show anything


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21 Jan 2023 — Solaredge Homey app to receive realtime data from your Solaredge … the app then you probably notice it also starts to support growatt with …

it is about modbus tcp, all inverters work the same , only different registers mostly

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do you have modbus installed and enabled like in the pdf? and more stuff is coming to control your inverter.

Ok, nevermind, learned something new today :slight_smile: Thanks!

Need to ask the Provider if modbus is installed. I habe no idea just installed the App on my homey. Will Check let you know

probably not , this is a hobby solution and not a professional device. you can buy it somewhere