Growatt TL-XE


I just installed a new Growatt TL-XE inverter where I can view all data on but not in the solarpanels app (I get logged in), anybody here with the same problem or what can I do to help fix?

Thank you!

I wrote the Growatt plug-in for SolarPanels for my particular Growatt inverter.

We have recently had reports of others that this plug-in did not work for their inverter. It looks like Growatt uses a different API for more advanced inverters.

Can you check with a proxy tool which API calls to their back-end are being made from their mobile App? (iOS or Android)

I’m on iOS, you know a good (free) proxy tool to check this?

Edit: I got this

Which App did you use?

I used Charles for iOS, but this App looks nice too!

Growatt seems to have multiple API’s which are not very clean and not documented…

For my inverter they seem to be using some kind of version 2 API (newLoginAPI) where for your inverter they are using some kind of version 3 API (newTwoLoginAPI). Notice the “new” and “newTwo” instead of proper version numbers…

Out of curiosity I ran their ShinePhone App with Charles active (I normally never use their App).

For my inverter they are now using the same API calls as you showed.

I have put a task on my todo-list to investigate this new API.

HTTP Catcher. It’s free for the simple tasks :slight_smile:

What a way from Growatt to give an API… Perhaps make it future-proof with newThree!
Probably most of the parameters are the same? Let me know if I can help with something.

Sorry, missed your post in the open issue on GitHub from yesterday.

Let’s follow up there?

Sure thing! Lets work this out :slight_smile:

@DidierVU Can you please answer my question on GitHub?

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Hi @prosumer, I lately get this error often in the app:

Error retrieving data (FetchError: invalid json response body at reason: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 2)

Solves itself after a few minutes

Have not seen that myself.

Due to heavy snowfall I currently don’t have any data at all…

(for several days now)