Growatt PV inverters

I have an growatt inverter.
Is iT possible to implement thuis inverter to the homey and use the data of the inverter? I see that other inverters manufacturers are supported.

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is there anyone who knows if it is possible to link a growatt to the Homey?
Hope someone knows the answer.
thanks in advance

I will also have a growatt inverter soon, please integrate with homey :slight_smile:

does anyone know the possibility to integrate the Growatt ?

Well there is a webbased portal so it technically could fetch data right?

There is a app called Solar panels it works fine with my homey.

I think so, but I don’t know how

And you also have a growatt inverter?

the app says it doesSmartSelect_20190614-102216_Homey

Yes i have

I didn’t know about the growatt app. Thank you

Since update to solar panels app 4.0.6 my Growatt is not recognised anymore :cry:.
Strange thing is that the release note for 4.0.6 is a fix for Growatt.
Tried to remove the device, and put it back again, but it gives me the error shown in the picture.

Anybody having the same? How can I reach out to the developer?

Edit: I see already some action is going on on

Same issue here… also GroWatt.

Sorry about that.

I think I have a fix, but now we need to wait for @Diederik to implement this:

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the same problem here
Hope for a fix
let’s wait for @Diederik

Please try v4.0.9 at

4.0.9 works for me.

I am getting a
could not find that pairsession

Am I doing something wrong?

this error appears when you put Homey to the background during pairing, for example to copy a token/key.
try again but copy the token/key or whatever you need to copy before you start the pairing wizard.

4.0.9 fixes it! Everything works again. Thanks for the quick help guys!