New version of Growatt Hybrid not working in Homey Pro

I have:
Homey Pro 2023
Growatt MOD10TL3-XH Hybrid inverter
Growatt smartmeter
Growatt ARK 15.3XH Batteri

App report:

3 battery I assume:

Growatt of this version not yet supported say Homey Pro ??

Someone know something ???

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Did you search first before posting your question? There is a recent topic that Growatt has removed their API for use by individual users:

Homey Pro app Growatt when add account to Growatt, they clearly stated that this version of equipment is not supported yet

You can give this local growatt tool a go. It’s not plug and pray, but it works great.
Of course it’s unsure if your model will work with it


I didn’t search before posting. Homey gave me the information from the converter and suddenly stopped.
I send a mail to Growatt and get the answer below.

Yesterday , in the Homewizard app, I could log in the Growatt meter again and now I can monitoring in the app. See attachment.
After that I tried the Homey Pro but no succes.


Growatt app doesn’t work anymore since afew days.
Support desk Growatt send me the following:

At this time, the Growatt API is not available for use with individual user accounts.
General API keys that previously worked are no longer supported and will be phased out.

The Growatt API, which is currently still active, is primarily for managing installer portals with multiple systems.

There is currently no other officially supported way to share data with third parties, or extract data directly from a user account.
We also currently (temporarily) no support for links with third-party monitoring platforms such as homewizard. It has yet to be announced when we can offer this support again. Third party monitoring products are not supported.

We are aware of the demand for links such as homewizard, and hope to be able to say more about it early next year.

Op dit moment is de Growatt API niet beschikbaar voor gebruik met individuele gebruikersaccounts.
Algemene API sleutels die voorheen wel gewerkt hebben, worden niet meer ondersteund en zullen uitgefaseerd worden.

De Growatt API die op dit moment nog wel actief is, is primair voor het beheer van installateursportalen met meerdere systemen.

Er is op dit moment geen andere officieel ondersteunde manier om data te delen met derde partijen, of direct te onsluiten uit een gebruikersaccount.
Ook hebben wij nu (tijdelijk) geen ondersteuning voor koppelingen met monitoringsplatformen van derde partijen zoals homewizard. Wanneer wij deze ondersteuning weer kunnen bieden, moet nog bekend worden gemaakt. Monitoringsproducten van derde partijen worden niet ondersteund.

Wij zijn op de hoogte van de vraag naar koppelingen zoals homewizard, en hopen begin komend jaar weer meer over te kunnen zeggen.

Yes, Grott is really the solution here. It sits in the middle of your converter and the Growatt platform and grabs all the info you need.

I also have a really early version of a Homey app up and running to grab this info from MQTT and put it in a single device.

It only exposes a couple of fields at the moment, but we could make an assessment of what is needed.

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I published the first version of the Grott app, which is usable if you use Grott and an MQTT broker.

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