Growatt API

Growatt app doesn’t work anymore since afew days.
Support desk Growatt send me the following:

At this time, the Growatt API is not available for use with individual user accounts.
General API keys that previously worked are no longer supported and will be phased out.

The Growatt API, which is currently still active, is primarily for managing installer portals with multiple systems.

There is currently no other officially supported way to share data with third parties, or extract data directly from a user account.
We also currently (temporarily) no support for links with third-party monitoring platforms such as homewizard. It has yet to be announced when we can offer this support again. Third party monitoring products are not supported.

We are aware of the demand for links such as homewizard, and hope to be able to say more about it early next year.

Op dit moment is de Growatt API niet beschikbaar voor gebruik met individuele gebruikersaccounts.
Algemene API sleutels die voorheen wel gewerkt hebben, worden niet meer ondersteund en zullen uitgefaseerd worden.

De Growatt API die op dit moment nog wel actief is, is primair voor het beheer van installateursportalen met meerdere systemen.

Er is op dit moment geen andere officieel ondersteunde manier om data te delen met derde partijen, of direct te onsluiten uit een gebruikersaccount.
Ook hebben wij nu (tijdelijk) geen ondersteuning voor koppelingen met monitoringsplatformen van derde partijen zoals homewizard. Wanneer wij deze ondersteuning weer kunnen bieden, moet nog bekend worden gemaakt. Monitoringsproducten van derde partijen worden niet ondersteund.

Wij zijn op de hoogte van de vraag naar koppelingen zoals homewizard, en hopen begin komend jaar weer meer over te kunnen zeggen.


I was now fed up with that API idd, and found an “as is” alternative.
A Growatt proxy that pretends to be the Growatt internet server, exports the data to MQTT, AND optionally passes the data back to the internet server And it works like a charm. So does the Shinephone app.
Works with MQTT, among others
Can be run via docker (might run on your NAS), on linux (Rpi or such) and on Windows. Thats the hardware needed
I then receive the MQTT data via HomeAssistant and then on to Homey.

Apart from that, it’s a matter of careful RTFM and some patience…

That really sucks. They must understand that this data is very usable to trigger home automatons when the panels produce electricity. I hope they receive a lot of backlash about this.

There are solutions though. But I haven’t had the time to research it deeper.

Buy a modbus to ethernet adapter and use the Modbus app:

Or run a separate script on a server / raspberry Pi / NAS (or in Docker container) that intercepts the communication between the inverter and the Growatt server (man in the middle, or sniffing). And converts it to an MQTT message:

Docker image:

Both options should also produce a better experience since the data is almost realtime in stead of every 15 minutes.

Oh nice, you got it running. I am planning to read the MQTT data directly in Homey. I just can’t figure out how I can configure the docker image. I am running the Docker image in Container Station on a Qnap NAS. The manual isn’t really helpful either. Wish there was some graphical GUI backend or something haha.

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Yeah, it runs but not with Docker (yet) :blush:
It’s tricky (to me) using the right IP’s and portnumbers

Indeed you can read out the MQTT data with Homey, with MQTT Client flowcards, and pass it to an adv. virtual device f.i.
It’s a bit more work I think, but not too complicated.

Ah, mine was set to 5 minutes by default, but I now changed it to 1 minute

You can share your findings with Johan here, to improve the user experience.