Homey linked to Hubitat Evolution hub using MQTT Hub:

The MQTT Hub application on Homey supports the homie3 protocol for both publishing and discovering devices. There is now an app for Hubitats’ Elevation hub that does the same . HE is a similar product to SmartThings Hub. As these are the first devices supporting homie3 bidirectionally I tried them together to see if they could discover and control each others devices and bingo works nicely :ok_hand: Devices can be shared between the hubs in real time.

Now very few people will own both these hubs as they provide similar functionality but it was really rewarding to see it just work first time. Previously there’s been very little to actually test homie against.

Well done Harry :slight_smile:

  • Disclosure: I am the author of the Hubitat MQTT app and also before anyone asks, no… this can’t be run on the SmartThings hub despite HE and ST being mostly code compatible.



this is interesting, i have both!

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I knew there would be at least one controllerholic with both. If you’re interested in testing, especially if you’re already using MQTT Hub on Homey just let me know…


that would be great thanks, pretty sure i’m definitely a controllerholic!

You do have the alpha code now don’t you ? I know you’re not quite in the discussion thread yet but that’s a Hubitat forum limit that Chuck is working on.

How do I connect the Homey and Hubitat? is there a app that I need to get from you xAPPO?

Yes - if you can drop me a PM (usename kevin) on the Hubitat forum I’ll send you all the details. It’s still in alpha but pretty stable.

I tried to send you a PM on Hubitat but it said that I can’t send a message to that user

We’re all linked up on the Hubitat forum now… let me know how you get on with the app.

Hi Kevin,

would be awesome to get some insights how to actually do this :slight_smile: I’ve got both as well and are very much looking forward to getting this sorted out :slight_smile: Especially when there are some devices that works only with Homey.


Both the Homey MQTT app and the Hubitat MQTT use the homie3 protocol (unrelated to ‘Homey’). This protocol offers automatic discovery of devices although it’s in its early days. Essentially Hubitat should discover Homey devices and visa versa. I’m willing to address any issues on the Hubitat side to make this work as best it can.


Hello, I have both hubs and I want to connect both hubs. Can you please explain how I must do this? I have never worked with mqtt.

Any news on this topic? HE C7 arrived last week but I have a lot of issues connecting my older Fibaro modules to it. I was thinking to connect Homey to it first to see what is HE capable of.

AFAIK this works OK, at least for switches and dimmers, plus some sensors and other devices. The awkwardness is in the homie3 spec not having a defined set of templates for devices so discovery becomes challenging. Not many people are using the homie3 topic structure for import to the HE MQTT app so if you try, and hit issues let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

is there a start up guide to install and setting up MQTT on hubitat ?
I guess once I have that running I will start getting the Homey App started :smile:

Thank you in advance …