[APP][Pro] Grott

Add support for Grott via MQTT.

If you use a Growatt inverter and want to keep your data local, you can use Grott to capture the data coming from your data logger device. Grott pushes this data to a MQTT broker and this app parses that information and puts it all in a device.

You can install an MQTT broker in Homey, or use an external MQTT broker for this.

Grott Homey app: Grott App for Homey | Homey
Grott Github repository: GitHub - johanmeijer/grott: Growatt inverter monitor


I checked it out, it works fine, Wim. Thanks.

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No luck here… Can get the grott Application to connect to the MQTT broker, but no data is delivered in the Grott device. But ShinePhone is being updated with data from the inverter


Thanks for your message. Can you actually see the data of Grott in your MQTT broker? I would start there.

You can use a tool like MQTT Explorer to check it out.


No data coming in to my MQTT broker from Grott - but when setting up the Grott to the MQTT it connects fine, and data is sent to Server.growatt.com. I’ve tried using a MQTT broker as a docker on my Synology NAS aswell now, and i have used the homey.

And i can see the Grott application connect to the MQTT in the log

Is there any way to configure the grott.ini or a conf file to inform what kind of Growatt inverter i have?

Hey Andre,

What I know is, for the Growatt inverter I have (MOD 8000 TL3-X) I am using the following docker ledidobe/grott:beta.

In my grott.ini, I have the following code:

#nomqtt = False
ip =
topic = energy/growatt
retain = True

Make sure that #nomqtt = False has the hashtag in front of it. The IP address should be the IP for your MQTT broker.

How do you edit your grott.ini file on Homey? im sorry, but i havent connected to my homey using SSH yet

Hey Andre,

I think you might be mistaking this app to be something else than it is. This app allows a Homey to read the MQTT data that Grott pushes on your MQTT broker.

Grott should be installed somewhere else, push it’s data to your MQTT broker and this app will read it and put it in Homey.

Hope this helps!

Makes sense - i’ll configure Grott on my server, and have it send data to MQTT, and the Homey Grott application read the data. Thank you for explaning :slight_smile: