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Monitor SMA solar devices with Homey

App Store Page: SMA Energy App for Homey | Homey


This Homey app allows you to monitor your SMA solar devices through the modbus/speedwire/multicast protocols.

Supported devices

  • Inverters
  • Sunny Boy Storage
  • Energy Meter (incl. Home Manager 2)
  • Energy Summary (virtual device)


Version 2 of the app tries to figure out which capabilities each inverter has, using a mapping logic and will only show capabilities in Homey that the inverter supports. For instance, some inverters don’t support daily yield, then this capability won’t be displayed in Homey for that inverter.

You can view a somewhat complete list of supported inverters in the second tab of this Google sheets document. If you connect your inverter and you do not see all values appear in the Homey device, please use the support topic to ask for support for your type of inverter. The device type (e.g. STP 25000TL-30) of the inverter should always be possible to access, by default this is also used as the device name when you add a new inverter to Homey. Please include this information in any support request.

The most basic capability set that all inverters should support are; grid power, grid voltage and total yield. If you only get these values on a “modern” inverter please comment in the support thread, most likely the mapping is incorrect.

Sunny Boy Storage

Shows operational status, battery, charge, discharge, power drawn, grid feed-in and battery capacity of Sunny Boy Storage products using the modbus protocol.

Energy Meter

The Energy Meter device type supports both the Energy Meter and the Home Manager 2.0 products. Both products generate the same multicast datagrams required to access the built-in meter information. This device type will be recognized in Homey as a smart meter and visualized properly on the energy tab.

It can be used to load balance against the main fuse. There are three settings for the device, main fuze (A), threshold (%) and available current offset(A). Each phase (L1, L2, and L3) can trigger a phase utilization alert if a phase is loaded more than the threshold. There are two conditions to check for an individual phase’s utilization or all phases. A global tag is published with currently ‘Available current’ in Amp.

Energy Summary

The Energy Summary is a virtual device that gathers information from inverter and energy meter devices registered in your Homey. It will only display information from inverters and energy meter devices from this app. It shows three values; PV Power, Grid Power, and Consumption.


Report your inverter(s) status to PVOutput.org. You need to have done the setup at PVOutput’s site to set up a system and generate an API key before adding this device to your Homey. Obviously you need to have an inverter device added to your Homey to be able to add this device.

Enable modbus in your inverter/storage product

For Homey to be able to communicate with your SMA inverter/storage over the modbus protocol this needs to be enabled on the inverter. You can enable modbus communication using the SMA Sunny Explorer software or the web interface on specific models (like the Sunny Boy 1.5 to Sunny Boy 5.0). For all other models download and install the SMA Sunny Explorer software, the installable is located under PC Software in the previous link. During installation, it may ask you to install the .NET framework 3.5 as well. Now follow these steps.

  1. Start Sunny Explorer installer and choose to create a new install (or load a previous one if you used Sunny Explorer before) or start the web interface for the Sunny Boy 1.5 to Sunny Boy 5.0 models;
  2. Select Speedwire as communication protocol hit next and wait for Sunny Explorer to discover your inverter. Once found select your inverter (and remember it’s IP address);
  3. In the login screen select the “Installer” user. Enter the password, by default password this is 1111 but this might have been changed by your installer. In this case, you will have to retrieve it from your installer;
  4. Once logged in to your inverter wait for a moment for the data to load. Then click on your inverter in the left pane and after that on the settings tab. Click on the external communications menu item and click on edit. Now enable the option ‘Modbus TCP Server’ and if available and not already enabled the option ‘Webconnect’. You can leave the port for the Modbus TCP Server to the default 502. If you change it here make sure you enter it correctly when adding the inverter in Homey. If you have saved your changes you can close Sunny Explorer.
  5. Now go into Homey and add a new device. Select the inverter device from the SMA Inverters app and enter the IP address, Port and Polling Frequency. The polling frequency determines how often Homey reads out the inverter. The default 5 seconds should be good. Now add the device and if all went well your inverter is now being monitored by Homey.



  • Stability improvements in the event that the app loses contact with the inverter.


  • Filter out negative daily yield values that occurred for some users



  • Added manually calculated daily yield for inverters that miss this functionality


  • Added MPP A and B power capabilities to the summary device


  • Added MPP A and B power capabilities to Inverter devices that supports it
  • Added possiblity to name MPP A and B capabilities via device settings


  • Electrical frequency added to Energy Meter / Home manager devices
  • Technical upgrade of dependent packages


  • Filter out unknown condition status for inverter device type
  • Added Swedish language support


  • PVOutput date bug fixed


  • Added support for reporting inverter status to PVOutput.org.


  • Enhanced energy meter readings to use SMA obis identifiers (first one on Github? :sweat_smile:)


  • Added missing mapping for Sunny Boy AV-40 devices
  • Added trigger for inverter condition


  • Enhanced wizard for adding inverters which allows to manually add the IP address of the inverter if auto-discovery doesn’t find any inverters.


  • New Homey app store adoption

v2.0.1 TEST

  • Battery capability added to the Summary device. Please delete the Energy Summary device and add it again to see new capability.
  • Load balancing feature added to Energy Meter

v2.0.0 TEST

  • New device discovery method for inverters. Using Speedwire Device Discovery, the local network is queried for SMA inverters.
  • Inverters only show supported capabilities (new Homey v3 support)
  • Four new capabilities added on inverters that support it; condition, operational status, MPP A voltage and MPP B voltage
  • Device information added for inverters in device advanced settings section; Device type, Serial number, software version, max power, power limit, and grid country standard.
  • Energy Meter device type added. Recognized as a smart meter in Homey energy.
  • Summary device type added (requires at least one inverter and one Energy Meter device type already added to your Homey).

This app is what i’m looking for! But looks like the app is not available on the appstore (found a blindspot).
Is there a another way to get this app?

Either wait until Athom approves the app and I can publish it or do a CLI install from the Github repository.

Thank you I’am very happy with it.

Good to hear @Rob. Im interested to know which type of SMA inverter you are using the app with so I can update the documentation with this information.

I’am using a Sunny Boy 3600TL-21

First of all, t h a n k you for creating this app.I have a Tripower 6000TL 20. Am not able yet to read the data; I think I miss the ability to change the sma settings(no pc for the mentioned software, or didn’t find a Web Interface). Any suggestions on how to configure my sma is more than welcome.

Check out the link below. It contains all the information on how to connect SMA inverters. Perhaps you can use the web portal or the smartphone app. It would be nice if you could report back if you managed it.


Hi @phuturist, I did this… Unfortunately I do not have access to my inverter… I do have Webconnect, to transfer data to Sunny portal.

  • Display: too dangerous, needs to open my Inverter
  • Web connect via Sunny explorer: Only available via PC software
  • SMA Portal: do not have settings to change Modbus

This is a quote from the manual:

8.6 Configuring the Modbus Function
The Modbus interface is deactivated by default and the communication ports 502 set. In order to access SMA invertes with SMA Modbus® or SunSpec® Modbus®, the Modbus interface must be activated. After activating the interface, the communication ports of both IP protocols can be changed.
For information on commissioning and configuration of the Modbus interface, see the Technical Information “SMA Modbus® Interface” or in the Technical Information “SunSpec® Modbus® Interface” at www.SMA-Solar.com.
Data security during activated Modbus interface
If you activate the Modbus interface, there is a risk that unauthorized users may access and manipulate the data or devices in your PV system.
• Take appropriate protective measures such as:
– Set up a firewall.
– Close unnecessary network ports.
– Only enable remote access via VPN tunnel.
– Do not set up port forwarding at the communication port in use.
– In order to deactivate the Modbus interface, reset the inverter to default settings or deactivate the activated parameter again.
the Modbus interface and adjust the communication ports if necessary (see the
• Activate
Technical Information “SMA Modbus® Interface” or “SunSpec® Modbus® Interface” at www.SMA-Solar.com).

Well, the best solution is to borrow a PC/laptop from your neighbour, install Sunny Explorer, enable modbus, deinstall Sunny Explorer and return the PC/laptop … :wink:

LOL asked first “De Zonnefabriek” my supplier to make the change, otherwise will ask my neighbour or someone else…

v1.0.1 - 2018-09-02

  • FIX: display daily yield in KWh instead of Wh
  • FIX: display total yield in MWh instead of Wh
  • FIX: fix an issue with “Index out of range” errors
  • IMPROVEMENT: switched node library for ready out modbus
  • IMPROVEMENT: changed title of capability meter_power to Daily Yield

v1.0.2 - 2018-09-05

FIX: device registered as unavailable where not set to available again

Hi @Phuturist, At first thank you very much for creating this app. At this moment my inverter (SB3600TL-21) only supports bluetooth. Is there a way to use your app with bluetooth or do I need to buy the stuff to make a connection through with ethernet?

This app will only work with the modbus protocol which is only available as TCP (WiFi or Ethernet). If you want to use this app you will have to buy the stuff … :wink:

Werkt prachtig met de SB 4000TL-21 omvormer , mijn dank aan de maker van deze app

Thanx for confirming this works as well with the Sunny Boy 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 inverters.

Werkt perfect met de SB3.6-1AV-40 910

This is only blue tooth for me. We are talking about the 4000 BT or not?