[App][Obsolete]Sofar / Solarman

Sadly, I have decided to remove this app from the store as I have not been able to get any support from Solarman regarding the rate limit. I knew about the rate limits per 10 seconds and coded around that, but there was no mention of a total limit in the documentation. Solarman support has increased the limit twice, but it is not an acceptable solution to have the app stop working every two months.
I am really sorry to do this.
Please feel free to complain to Solarman, but I doubt they will listen.

I have requested that my new Sofar app is published that just has the local support for some Sofar inverters. Sofar App for Homey | Homey


are you still active with this app?? Installed it, could add the inverter !

SOFAR SOLAR 3000TLM-5000TLM G2 but get no data.

Cloud station gives an error.

Could you open the Configure App screen and select the Diagnostics Log tab, then enable the log (blue tick). Then restart the app and add the cloud station. Once you get as far as you can, go back to the Log and tap on Send Log.
The local connection might not work as it is a different model so I will need to look into that.

Been waiting for an app to use with my INVT inverter. INVT also use Solarman. Works fine from version 0.03 :smiley: Add inverter via Cloud Station

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Thanks for making this App! It seems to be doing great with my Omnik inverter via Solarman. I will check it out tommorow no sun production anymore. Total production passed true via the API. Could you also production of the day and from yesterday?

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Yes, it looks like I can.
I have submitted the app for publishing which could take a while and I can’t submit another test version until that has been accepted or rejected. As soon as it goes either way I will add a new test version with that information.

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Submission was rejected due to images not being up to standard. I have requested new icons from Athom and selected new store pictures. Once I have them I will publish a new test version with the history items and resubmit the app.

Really thanks I see you even got it working already ! Great!

I added the sofar tl-g3 invertier via „sofar panel“. In the Log the App found my datalogger with ip and serial number. But the device shows no data.

Is the App compatible to the sofar tl-inverters?

It’s likely that the MODBUS data addresses are different.
I will try to find out more details to see if I can add a map for it.

I have found some information but I need some conformation that it is correct.
Could you go to Homey Developer Tools
Select the Sofar / Solarman app and then the “Send Command” tab.
Next type in the number 1156 in the 'READ REGISTER" edit field and then click on send

Make a note of the response from the large box (where it shows 4992 in the image)
Then repeat that with the following numbers in the READ REGISTER field:

Finally report back the response to each register.

Everytime it shows „invalid Modbus Packet“

OK, so obviously not the correct address. I will keep looking.

Could you try registers:

By Sending 10 it logs 15 in the under field.
11 → 0
14 → 5000

OK, that looks promising. So in theory register:
10 should be the PV1 Power / 10 = 150W,
11 is PV2 Power / 10 = 0W
14 is the grid frequency / 100 = 50Hz

Does that sound about right?

Yes! That sounds Right.

Great, so it looks like I have found a good table for your inverter, so ‘all’ I have to do now is convert that into a compatible JSON structure that the app can use and then work out how to select it :wink:
I’m not sure how long it will take but I’m on the case.

Thank u much for the fast Support!
Thats Great!

I have published a new test version that will hopefully support your inverter through the LAN. Could you try that and let me know how it goes. I have no way to test it so it might not work.