[App][Obsolete]Sofar / Solarman

The output power of the system is now displayed correctly in the app. Only the total energy generated is not yet displayed.

Thank you for the quick support.

I will send a screenshot of the displayed values tomorrow. Currently, the system no longer produces electricity because it is dark.

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Thanks for the picture, it helps to see which capability is not being updated. I will investigate this evening to find out if that data is available in the register map I have.

My inverter has only one solar string. That’s why PV 2 is not available.

I can see that has been updated as it is showing 0 and not -
Unfortunately the app has no way to know how many strings are available as the registers just return 0.

New test version available. Hopefully fixed the Total Power issue.

And Now everything works fine!

Great. You should also now be able to add the Summary/Inverter device which will show the status, errors and temperatures.

Thanks for this new App, Adrian. Got it up and running very easily! I’m using Solarman via Cloud with a un/pw connecting to Trannergy Smart cloud.

It is now running for almost a day and actual values are getting updated, but the “Solar Total Today” seems to be frozen. It still has the same value as from the moment I configured the device. It is not getting updates, while the actual value and “Total Production” are getting updates regularly.

Any ideas what is causing this?

I think I have found the issue, thanks for reporting it.
I will post an update as soon as I have finished testing the fix is the correct one.

I have published a new test version.

Sorry Adrian, I’m not that well seasoned in finding/installing test versions. Can you give some hints on how to test it?

Find that app in the store and then add test to the end of the URL. Or scroll down to the changes section and open the change log, tge click on the word test against the ne version

Got it and installed the test version. It now seems to update, but need to wait for sun to appear today to be able to fully assess this :wink:

By the way: what does the field “Update Time” do? I did not get any value yet, but perhaps it doesn’t work for the cloud version I use.

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The “Update Time” is when the cloud last received an update from the inverter. The value is passed along with the other data.

Updates for “Solar Total Today” are now working fine!

“Update Time” is however not getting values in my case, its still blank.

Morning Adrian, the App stopped working since March 9th. When I try to repair it, it shows an error:

{“code”:“3201001”,“msg”:“Request method ‘GET’ not supported”,“success”:false,“requestId”:“e51fb79390fd7514”}

any ideas?

I can still log in into the official website to see my values, they are still updating fine.
And I did get version 0.0.9 from you earlier.

It would appear the app is exceeding the API rate limit but I don’t know why.
The document states the limit is 2000 calls per minute and the app is set to call every 2 minutes, so that should allow for 4000 users and it has no where near that many.

I have published a new version that detects the error and backs off the calls to, hopefully, allow recovery.