[APP][Pro] SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus

it is a known issue on solaredge , they are working on it. read a few post before.

if you have meters installed and connected to the inverter , you can use solaredge storedge device instead and then you can control it all with import/export or production limit.

did you do this do this switch on the inverter? connect to this temporary wifi(not your own) , use a browser on this ip.

Today the first negative prices in my dynamic contract. And my solar panels are down. :clap:t2::clap:t2:


I see indeed, did you use the solaredge way or power by the hour and using flows?

Same here, Told Growatt by automated flow to disallow export during dynamic negative pricing.

Using Power by the hour. In SolarEdge it did not work. I run a beta so I made a case. Also the dynamic prices don’t work in the Solar Edge app.

Hi guys,

For a while now it seems that when my solar panels receive power for the first time in the morning, there is suddenly a peak in use. Since I have set certain flows to this, some flows are often
activated early when they should not be activated yet. Is this a bug in the application or in the inverter?

it is the inverter , probably sun comes up with some relay switching , I just pass on the data to you. I expect on the website , they use averages or filter these values out.

Hello everyone, is there a way to add a device and mark it as a smart meter instead of a solar system? Due to the fact that the inverters determine the total consumption of the house through their own smart meter, should this also be possible in Homey Energy?

I guess that is possible but that is on device level and you can only use 1 type as device. Don’t think I can change that on runtime but you will miss the inverter power part in homey energy.

I guess we make generic device which just slow import / export from grid and register it as a smart meter.
Can virtual device not do this?

Hi, yes, of course that’s true…thank you very much for your feedback! No, unfortunately a virtual device can’t do that. The Smart Meter is not available in the Virtual Devices or Device Capabilities app. Maybe I’ll ask if something is planned in the future.

Thanks, just start exploring this app. Have not tried if I have modbus enabled yet (it do works with a very initial version of solar panel homey app.

I tried adding by ip and default port with device id of 1. but i m unable to get a read from the inverter. I will try some of the things I read from this forum.

I want to check if the app support 2x huawei invertor, as i saw someone having that but the app currently don’t support it.

for double huawei, are you using doing the s-dongle? At least 1 should go well with s-dongle.