[APP][Pro] SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus

Welcome to the nightmare :slight_smile:

i have this also and been in contact about this for weeks now with solaredge.
It is escalated to development now and I hope they figure out why this happens.

It looks like this all began when they implemented their negative prizing optimization.


I have problems that my SolarEdge inverter on remount sudlly goes to off even if it has been on the another mode. Thei happen at lest once pr 24 hours even I I have taken away all flows.

Goog afternoon, after a lot of trying i finally found the modbus app voor solaredge that might work. But somehow i can’t get it to work. I enabled the modbus en set the ID in de inverter and app to respectively 5 and 502. Restart the inverter and add the solaredge inverter on homey, but no data is coming in.

It says connected tot LAN (via google wifi mesh) can the problem be in there? Allthough the original android app from solaredge does recieve data.

Does your inverter have an lcd screen? If so you need an update you can request at support@ SolarEdge.com

can you send me a report?

It is a inverter without screen;

Raport: 1906c659-1d2e-4796-8521-ef1c990fe339

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Hello, Just got my modbus on my solaredge converter installed. I do get data into my Homey. But is it correct that i can’t see how much I actually inject?
This is the info which is available

nice, do you have meters installed and which are connected to the inverter?
if yes than you can do solaredge with storedge device instead.
if no , I cannot know your house load.

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Thanks for the help :+1:

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For approx. a year ago I chose to replace my Fibaro HC2 system with Homey Pro early 2023. :+1:
Ever since then, I have greatly benefited from the experiences that Homey’s other users have posted online. :grinning:
So I thought that now there might be some of you who can also make use of my experience in making a fully automatic system for charging an electric car exclusively with solar power from a Huawei solar cell system with, for example, a 10 KW solar cell battery.

I tried for a long time to use the Homey app Huawei Solar, but had to give up in the end as the app could not “see” my system.

The Homey app SolarEdge + Growatt TCP Modbus, on the other hand, works really well with my Huawei battery solar cell system.

Note that no data will be transferred to Homey until you activate modbus.
Since Modbus per default not activated, it is necessary to enter the Fusions Solar app to activate the function.

In my Easee app for my charging stand, I have made the following setting: “Charge with solar cell and excess current”.

Then install your charging app in Homey.

It will now be possible to create flows.
I have chosen the following 2 simple flows:
1 If the Huawei battery percentage is less than 70%, turn off the charger (Easee).
2 If the Huawei battery percentage is greater than 80 percent, turn on the charger (Easse).

The electric car will now quietly charge approx. 4.1 Kw. when there is excess current and will take power from the Huawei battery in case of cloud cover, but never drain the battery to less than 70%, as charging stops at 70%.

Now all you have to do is plug the charging plug into the car and Homey will ensure that only solar power is charged, either directly or partially from the battery that is charged with solar power.

Note that in winter, when there is very little solar power, the system will of course not work.


is it possible to include KOSTAL Inverter to this app?


Hello I do not know. I’m definitely not a Homey specialist, but I try my hand at learning by doping.

Den 14. jun. 2024, fra 10.52, Andre via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com> skrev:

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“BY Doing”
Den 14. jun. 2024, fra 13.37, Jan Severin <jan.severin.dk@gmail.com target=_blank>jan.severin.dk@gmail.com> skrev:

looks doable https://www.photovoltaikforum.com/core/attachment/81082-ba-kostal-interface-modbus-tcp-sunspec-pdf/ do you also have a vpn where I can read against?

Hello, unfortunately I can’t serve with a VPN access. How else can I support?


do you have 1 with battery or without. but I can make a simple inverter device with a few values and go from there . you need to test it and send me diagnostic reports.

Hi, here is my Setup:
Kostal PLENTICORE plus 8.5
KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter G2
BYD B-Box Premium HVS 5.1

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