[APP][Pro] SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus

can you try this 1 , made a new flow action

I tested this version and I see the info and the card.

I have tried a new flow to reduce to 1% or 99%.
I can see the value being set, but after 1 minute or so it reverts back to 100% without me doing anything or a flow. No change in power though

I am so frustrated!! Is there someone else here that has a (sort of) same inverter Solaredge HD 3680 with lcd screen, and is willing to send me screenshots from all the settings you have with a working setup and this app?

I want to make sure I don’t have a new setting somewhere and that is not right.
Just to make sure I am not crazy or Solaredge is remote f.cking around

Hi Edwin,
I put a 2nd (LG) battery into service today. everything is perfectly configured and visible in the SE, but it does not appear in the homey app, am I doing something wrong or this option is not available.

What is the problem that Huawei only support read-only mode? Are there work in progress for support write settings to is also?

it is more , I don’t have a 2nd battery so hard to test it , also trying to get another resu but that is also hard. Do you have a vpn? so I can check.


problem is they are the only 1 where it requires some login on some registers which is not described anywhere.
there is 1 HA impl who can do this but I need to understand it and reverse engineer it.

I enabled it again on this version SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus | Homey
as device actions. you can try it out if it works for you.

I have a unify network, if you can explain to me how to set the vpn up.

in te setapp from SE => the id for BATT 1 is “15” the id for BATT 2 is “14”.

can you send me 1st a diagnostic report , I should already support 2 batteries , I just don’t show them just yet.


was thinking I did it by default , let me enable the 2nd one for you.

    battery_dids: Object = {
        "batt1": [0xe140, 1, 'UINT16', 0x0],
        // "batt2": [0xe240, 1, 'UINT16', 0x100]

Can you try this 1 SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus | Homey
and send me a report 5 minutes later.


let me add 2nd ones , maybe add average batt and also show the 2 batteries.

batt1-c_manufacturer LG                               xxx Manufacturer
batt1-c_version DCDC 1.2.18 BMS          xxx Version
batt1-c_deviceaddress 15 xxx Modbus ID
batt1-rated_energy 9623 xxx Rated Energy
batt1-soh 97.69999694824219 xxx State of Health [SOH)
batt1-soe 93.5 xxx State of Energy [SOE)
batt1-status 3 xxx Status

batt2-c_manufacturer LG                               xxx Manufacturer
batt2-c_version DCDC 1.2.18 BMS          xxx Version
batt2-c_deviceaddress 14 xxx Modbus ID
batt2-rated_energy 9623 xxx Rated Energy
batt2-soh 100 xxx State of Health [SOH)
batt2-soe 5.400000095367432 xxx State of Energy [SOE)
batt2-status 10 xxx Status
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In the SE app they also use an average for the SOE, can each battery be read separately for calculation?

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can you try this SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus | Homey
maybe you have to re-add device for the new caps are showing up. still have to do the avg battery.


Hi, I have managed to get it working in the meantime. Thanks a lot for your work. Is there any way I can influence how often the data is retrieved from my Huawei inverter? At the moment, it is about every 2 minutes. Every minute would be nicer.


s-dongle is very slow on startup, have to retry more with some time in between to make it stable. especially with battery and meters. most optimistic it takes at least 55 seconds
Are you using s-dongle?

can you test this SolarEdge + Growatt TCP modbus | Homey for average battery state of charge and send me a report.

So, I seem to be the lucky one! My Huawei Inverter (plus sDongle) give me updates every 30 s! No battery though.